Offering service out of your being with overflowing gratitude will lead you to enlightenment

Be very clear, if you want to really serve society, the first thing you need is intensity in your purpose. I have seen many people doing something in the name of social service, just because they can’t sit with themselves. Be very clear, if you are not able to sit with yourself and do social service like going to some temple, going to some social service organization or doing some such service, you will never be able to experience the truth. Going to the temple or doing some social service should be like overflowing. You feel so full, you feel there is nothing more to be done and think, ‘I have so much of time, let me do some service to society, it is beautiful.’ Then it will lead you to enlightenment. The service itself can lead you to spiritual experience.

You feel overflowing and think, ‘God has given me so much, this whole life is so beautiful,’ and you go to a temple or church to offer your gratitude. Then it will just liberate you and you will become enlightened. If you are going to the temple or for social service just because you don’t feel relaxed within yourself, you can’t sit quietly. There is so much of restlessness within you that you just want to do catharsis in some way. People with this type of attitude, even if they go to temples, will be sitting there and shouting at everybody, ‘Don’t do this. Don’t do that. What are you doing? Don’t you know god wants this?’ They will start representing god! Not even representing, they will even start acting god. This type of persons, even if they do some service will be only putting their ego in front. They will only be torturing others. They will not be serving others. Continue reading “Offering service out of your being with overflowing gratitude will lead you to enlightenment”

If you can look but not be affected by what you see, then you have found the right way!

Actually, jealousy has no solid existence. In that way it is like darkness. Darkness does not have an independent, positive existence. Darkness is not the presence of something. Darkness is just the absence of light. In the same way, jealousy has no independent, solid existence by itself. It is just the absence of knowledge or awareness.

There is no end to comparison because comparison exists in the mind, not in reality. The jealousy that arises from comparison also has no basis.


Some people ask me, ‘Then, is it better for us not to look at others and their achievements? Then there is no problem of comparison at all! Isn’t that the best way out of jealousy?’

I tell them, you can’t escape from your mind just by ignoring your thoughts! If you can look but not be affected by what you see, then you have found the right way. If you can accept and welcome what you see and what happens, then you are centered within yourself and nothing can shake you.

Just by condemning the object of jealousy, you will not be liberated from jealousy itself because the moment you start condemning another person, it means that there is a wound inside you that you are trying to cover up, knowingly or unknowingly.

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Throughout My life, I was, I am, I will be always authentically enriching, empowering people continuously.

When I am trying to expand on Upanishads, even I feel I am not using enough words! It is like it is not adequate. Saraswathi may be eloquent, but not adequate to translate the silence of Mahadeva. Translating the silence of Mahadeva, even Saraswathi feels inadequate! She may be eloquent in front of anything, but inadequate in front of Mahadeva’s silence. Upanishads are Mahadeva’s silence. Translating that into words! It is only by Mahadeva’s grace I can translate, translate, translate his silence into words and deliver, understand?

I was expanding on the concept of “nation” and “desha” (“देश” ). When decision-makers, whether in the field of business or ruling, when decision-makers are out of fear and greed, it is all about producing in mass and sharing with the world. When the decision-makers are caught in fear and greed, then it is all going to be about possessing and controlling. Wealth, handled with incompletion, will lead to possessiveness. Power, handled with incompletion, will become controlling. A powerless man, when he is given power, he will only be controlling. A poor man, when he is given wealth, he will only be possessing. A poor man does not even know how to live with wealth, I am telling you. He will just make a big godown, iron godown, a thick wall iron godown, put everything inside, and lock it, and sleep on it! That’s all! And die! Is this the purpose of wealth? And his whole life he will spend worrying, ‘Will anybody know what I am keeping under my bed? And will anybody steal it?’ A poverty-conscious man, even if he stumbles on wealth, he cannot live it. A poor man, incomplete man, even if he sees wealth, he is not going to enjoy it, live it. He may possess it, but he may not live it! Same way, a powerless man, frightened, fear-based person, even if he is given power, he will only be controlling it, he will not be expanding it. A person established in Completion, in the space of Completion, even if he does not have wealth, he knows how to create and live. A person based on Completion, even with the small powers which are available to him, he knows how to enrich people with power. Enriching people with power!

Completion-based lifestyle!

I am telling you, constantly empower yourself!

Constantly empower yourself!

Constantly empower yourself!

Have power and go on empowering people with power. And, I tell you, in which ever field you empower people, you will only become more and more powerful. Only by producing more musicians, you will become a great musician. Only by producing more dancers, you will become a great dancer! Only by producing more doctors, you will become a great doctor! Only by producing more rich people, you will become a richer person! Only by producing more leaders, you will be a great leader! Only by producing more enlightened beings, you will be an INCARNATION! Continue reading “Throughout My life, I was, I am, I will be always authentically enriching, empowering people continuously.”

Till you enrich others, your Completion can never be complete

Anything other than Enriching, is powerlessness!  Only Enriching is powerfulness!  Operate only out of the cognition of Enriching – Enriching others and you.  You can never achieve Completion just by Completion. Because, just by Completion you will not know, know whether you are complete or not; your self-doubt will continue to rule you. Put yourself in the space of Enriching others.  When you start Enriching, all the questions you face, only when you answer them, when you relate with people and able to enrich people, only then you will have confidence over you! Till you enrich others, your Completion can … Continue reading Till you enrich others, your Completion can never be complete