It is Integrity to your desire which allows the proper conversion of the desire to knowledge and action!

Fear and desire are the fundamental energies that drive our lives. We act either out of a desire to achieve something or reach somewhere, or out of a fear of not wanting to experience something. Attraction and repulsion are not merely forces of molecules, but also essential to human behavior.

One of the major driving forces in human life is desire. If you look into your life, you can see most of the time we are driven by either desire or fear.

We have so many desires and often we feel we don’t have energy to fulfill them. According to the Jain tradition, the Divine sends us with enough energy and capacity to fulfill all our desires. But most of us don’t feel this way. Why? Read More

Free fall from your Authentic Identity

I will enter into Kathopanishad. I have something very important to share with you all in Kathopanishad today. I was explaining the way the Vajashravas mind was getting degraded and the space he was going through. Please understand, when I explain the degradation happening to Vajashravas, the meaning of the explanation is – please don’t allow that to happen in you. It is not that I have personal anger with Vajashravas, so I am tearing him to pieces. (laughs) No. I am doing literally post-mortem of his mind and his being, because … so that you will not let that happen to you. See, if you are a person of the business nature, don’t ever try to enter into the power game. Because, in power game lot of risks will be taken, which you can’t afford.

You can easily be put in pain if you are a business natured person. Please understand, if you are a business natured person only one of your shop getting attacked is enough, you will move out of politics or you will move out of all the power game.

Always try to catch your nature based on your root-pattern and fulfill that. That will bring tremendous feeling that you lived.

Please understand the feeling that you lived, that fulfillment that you lived, that is the first step for Enlightenment. See, there are extraordinary Paramahamsas, who doesn’t even need to enter into life, who can just get everything out of their system and directly get enlightened. But, 99% of us are not that way. We get into the regular life and go through the ups and downs and root- pattern and everything. Only through this way we are going. So, 99% of us the way we are travelling … please understand, the fulfillment you lived. Read More

What is Kundalini?

KUNDALINI! The very word creates some vibration in our inner being! One of the most powerful, most important truths you need to understand, and most misunderstood! Some of the most important truths in life are only most misunderstood words in life. Death, Sex, Meditation, Kundalini, all these words, most important words you need to understand, most important concepts you need to understand, unfortunately most misunderstood words. But, one good thing: All these most important, most misunderstood words, like Kundalini, Sex, Death, Meditation, all of them are inter-connected. Today, I will expand on Kundalini.

Let me give you the understanding about Kundalini.

First thing, Kundalini is your inner potential energy. If you have diabetes, high blood-pressure, how much ever you try using your fear or greed to push yourself to work, there will be an extraordinary tiredness beyond your mental will, decision, there will be a force pushing you to bed, pushing you to sleep. Please understand, if you had this experience you will be able to understand what I am saying. Kundalini is exactly opposite to that. How much ever the outer situations try to suppress you, push you, shrink you, it will just expand you and make you vibrate with this power. Read More

Pornography – Lust, Food, Sound

See, the lust pattern is created in you because you did not enjoy love.  When the love is experienced and the fulfilment starts, even you will be surprised how your lust pattern has melted down.  You will feel cheated by your lust pattern.  You will really feel cheated by your lust pattern. ‘You fellow, trusting you! I have done so many things of building a house, catching a wife! Building a whole family. Suddenly when I am kept everything ready you are not there!’ Trusting your lust pattern and building your life is like trusting your sneezing and building a Hot House!  

Because you sneezed once, you never, ever, wanted that again, you create a special temperature house around you and you carry that with you wherever you go.  For a simple sneezing do you need that big a solution?

Same way, many time the lust pattern is nothing more than a sneezing, but you have built so many things just for that one pattern.  By the time you built and prepared everything and looking in, that pattern is not there!  ‘Aiyyaiyyo!’  Understand because, for the lust pattern when you build whatever you need, somewhere you will hit and experience love.  Suddenly because of that love, the lust pattern loses its power.  

Why do you think pornography has become such a large multi-million dollar industry in the Planet Earth?  

Because the foolish fellows are cheated by the actual lust pattern, because they worked so much for it, by the time they completed the work and looking in to the lust pattern it has disappeared!  It is like there’s a small plant, small mango tree going up, and you feel, ‘Wow!  The Mango is going to happen and let me fence it!’  You go around and fence and do everything.  And by the time you come back, the plant is dead! You walk six kilometre and cut the wood, five kilometres and brought the thorns, two kilometres and brought the rope, one kilometre and brought the scaffolding and you tied everything. When you get there plant is dead!  So then what to do?  Come on at least bring pornography! In trying to infuse power into the dead pattern is pornography, understand.

 Whether it is food or lust, anything!  A big, big advertisements for food, the McDonald’s tower, is food pornography. The big, big burgers advertisement is food pornography!  Trying to infuse interest into the dead patterns and making it look like larger than life is pornography.  It does not need to be restricted only to lust.  Food – in every field!  And ear-abusing Rock Band are also sound pornography!  Ear-abusing Rock Bands!  I defined Pornography, understand.  It is not restricted just to lust.  

In any field trying to infuse interest into the pattern which does not have power over you, but, because you believe that pattern has a power and you built your life, now the pattern is dead you realize your life is empty, you want to give false pseudo life to that pattern, you put ventilator on that pattern,  is pornography.  

Through ventilator you can keep somebody alive, but not living! You can keep somebody alive, but not living.  That is why pornographists may keep the lust pattern alive, but not living.

Who wrote your life? Why it is written in such a way? How to rewrite it?

Human life is worth living only when you can make it as you wanted. Please listen! There are some natural principles. How many philosophies may oppose these principles, how many religions may oppose these principles, how many ways we may try to suppress these principles – listen – these principles never get destroyed. This is one of the types of principles: Human life is alive only when you can make what you want. The fulfillment in life happens only when you make your life as you want. Either you try to complete it from the direction of causing what you want, or altering what you want.

You can achieve Completion, Fulfillment by altering what you want and you can achieve Completion, Fulfillment by achieving what you want.

Materialists are mad when they say only by achieving what you want you can reach Completion. Spiritualists become lazy bums. Both of them are only one small part of life. Trying to change what you want or constantly trying to achieve what you want, neither these two can reach Completion, fulfillment. Bringing intelligence into what you want and bringing power to cause reality – please listen – bringing intelligence into what you want and bringing the space to cause what you want as reality. When you bring intelligence into what you want, awareness into what you want, that goes through a certain natural transformation what you want. Then create the space to cause that as reality. That is Completion. Both put together only is what I call the Science of Kalpataru: bringing intelligence in what you want, and creating a space for what you want as reality.

In the whole life, whatever you want to cause as your reality, whatever way you want to rewrite your future, these two principles are very important. Whether you want to achieve health, whether you want to achieve wealth, whether you want to achieve enlightenment, or you want to achieve the Complete Completion, or you want to create whatever you want in your life, the science is these two steps:

Bringing intelligence into your thinking, and

Creating a strong energy space to cause what you want as reality.

In Kalpataru Darshan, I am giving you a glimpse of this science, helping you to complete with ONE desire, all the incompletions to be completed, and creating a space to cause that ONE desire into reality. In Inner Awakening, I am doing the same thing to EVERY FIELD of your life! In Kalpataru Darshan, I can say, you get the introduction. In Inner Awakening, it becomes life! But seeing Kalpataru Darshan, never think or under-judge Inner Awakening. Seeing in the bottle ocean water, you cannot imagine about ocean. Even though you can technically define, ‘Like this, lot of water put together is ocean.’, it can technically be defined, but it can never be imagined or visualized or experienced.

In Inner Awakening you get the whole science of how to make what you want a reality continuously. In Inner Awakening you literally rewrite your future! Means, literally, physically you are made to write what you want, and that is made as reality! Don’t live something written accidentally. Understand, when you are born, you wrote about your future not with a lot of intelligence; just with some known, few known information. But, now, so much of intelligence is available, knowledge is available, method is available from the Vedic Tradition. So, learn, learn and rewrite your future.

See, whenever something great happens, something great is introduced, naturally human mind says, ‘No, no, no. It seems too good to be true!’, because you strongly believe great things can never happen to you, good things can never happen to you. That is one of the biggest patterns with which you are suffering. That is why you can never open your eyes and see the great possibilities approaching you. You have such a strong Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial, if some great things are opened up in front of you, you think, ‘No, no, no, no, no….it is too good to be true!’

Please listen, all great things before experiencing look like “too good to be true”. Nobody ever believed before flying happened in Mumbai that human-beings can fly in such large numbers. Please understand, flying was not discovered by the Wright Brothers as it is taught in the West. One-hundred-and-ten years before the Wright Brothers, in Mumbai a Vedic Pandit, a Shastri (scholar) organized an aircraft, put it together based on the Vedic Tradition, the knowledge in the Vedas, and it was successfully flown….it was successfully flown! Unfortunately, at that time, we were slaves….and that Pandit and that aircraft both mysteriously got kidnapped! Anyhow! But there is a clear record and demonstration by this Pandit in front of those days’ kings. Anyhow! Listen! Till the Pandit proved that flying was possible, it was looking like “too good to be true”. Same way, till I make you do it, rewriting your future looks like “too good to be true”, because you are habituated for struggling, you are made to believe life is a struggle.

Please understand, you are struggling in your life in ten fronts:

you want to drop smoking, you want to reduce your weight, you want to have good relations with your spouse, you want to spend time with your son, you want to take care of your mom, you want to take up two jobs to make ends meet.

By the time you quit smoking, you start spending time with your son; by the time you start spending time with your son, your review in your career/job has gone down; by the time you rebuild your relationship with your wife, already you started junk food habit; by the time you are out of the junk food habit, you are there sitting with cigarette in your hand! Constantly you are fighting in multiple fronts. Even if you win in one, don’t think it is victory. Whether you lose, you lose; or you win, you lose! Please understand, whether you win or lose, you lose, because the struggling pattern itself is a failure!

Just go to the source of why you made life the way it is occurring now. Nobody else made it. When it comes to responsibility, I am an agnostic. Be very clear, when it comes to responsibility, I am agnostic; I even go to the extreme of saying “No God”! If He is there, don’t disturb Him! The mess is too much! Let Him rest. Please listen! No one else made it. It is YOU! YOU!

So, first look in:

Why this mess is occurring to you as life?

Why life is occurring to you as such a mess or hell?

Who scripted it?

Who wrote it and why?

Look in.

Provide listening to you to get answers to these great questions.

And once you know YOU wrote it the way it is, and WHY you wrote it the way it is, you need to know these two things EXPERENTIALLY:YOU wrote it; second, WHY you wrote it. 

When you understand you wrote it, the bad news is, you are responsible; the good news is, you can rewrite it! Understand, when you know you wrote it, the bad news is, you are responsible, because you always try to enjoy by putting the responsibility on others. Everybody is very happy, comfortable, feeling convenient, almost cozy, happy to go on saying, ‘God made it’! Then you don’t need to do anything about it! It is almost like talking about the weather. Everyday people talk about weather, because they know they don’t need to do anything about it. Just sip….sip your tea and talk about the weather; because you know you don’t need to do anything about it. Don’t talk about your life in the same mood the way you talk about the weather. Whether weather can be changed or not, your life can be changed!

Whether weather can be changed or not, your life can be changed!
First, you need to understand that YOU wrote it. Second, WHY you wrote it this way.

In the Inner Awakening, EXPERENTIALLY you will understand YOU wrote it, YOU are responsible, and you will also understand WHY you wrote it the way you wrote. When you know you wrote it and why you wrote it, now simply you know HOW to rewrite it. That’s all! In Level-1 of Inner Awakening, I make you understand that YOU wrote it, with the process of Completion with yourself. In Level-2, with the process of Completion with others, you are EXPERENTIALLY made to understand WHY you wrote it the way you wrote it. In Level-3, you are experientially made to understand HOW to rewrite it, and you rewrite it. That’s all! Who, Why, How, these three big questions! Who, Why, How – Who wrote it? Why it is written in such a way? How to rewrite it?
Somebody is sending me a question from the Global Kalpataru Program, a Global Kalpataru participant:
Q. ‘I am wanting to be in Inner Awakening for the past two years, but still I am not able to make it. If I wrote it, then naturally I would have written to come to Inner Awakening; but that is not the case. Please clarify.’

Please understand, first of all, you have not EXPERENTIALLY understood that YOU wrote it. Now you may say, because you heard it from me, ‘If I wrote it, then naturally I will be able to re-write.’ First thing, still you have not experientially understood that you wrote your life. And you also need to understand why you wrote it. Only then you will be able to rewrite. You cannot just tell them to get out of your life because you decide to re-write. All the energies, influences in your life, you need to take them into consideration. And you need to know why you wrote the way you wrote – listen – why you wrote the way you wrote. Then, naturally, you will be able to rewrite. 

The question is a very beautiful question that you are asking: ‘I have been wanting to be in Inner Awakening for the past two years. Still I have not been able to make it.’ Please understand, this must be a pattern in your life in every field, whether it is your health, or wealth, your job, your business, your relationships, everywhere. When you say, ‘I am wanting to be in Inner Awakening for the past two years. Still I have not been able to make it…’, it means “postponing” is one of the major patterns with which you are struggling and you wrote your life with that. Now you need to experientially understand that you wrote it by doing the Completion process with yourself. And by doing completion with others, you need to understand why you wrote it. And, please listen, only when you understand that you wrote it, and why you wrote it, the moment the experience happens in you, you will simply be able to rewrite. You will simply be able to rewrite!

Understand, look into your life. Whether it is your health, your financial position, your job, your career, your relationships, the amount of fulfillment you are feeling, or the Completion you are experiencing, everything, everything, you need to know YOU wrote it. And you need to look in and find out WHY you wrote it the way you wrote it. Then, naturally, simply you will be able to rewrite it! Simply you will be able to rewrite it!
Please understand, this whole Kalpataru Process is giving you a glimpse of realizing one desire. Inner Awakening is experience of realizing everything you want to cause as reality in your life and in others’ life. Please understand, in the Kalpataru Darshan, you receive one fruit. In the Inner Awakening, you receive the fruit garden for you to enjoy and share with others. I can say, you receive the source! You receive the source! You receive the source!
Inner Awakening is all about awakening yourself to the power of your inner-space where the life is occurring to you as you wrote, experientially making you understand you wrote it, and why you wrote it the way you wrote it, and helping you, experientially making you rewrite it.

Till you enrich others, your Completion can never be complete

Anything other than Enriching, is powerlessness!  Only Enriching is powerfulness!  Operate only out of the cognition of Enriching – Enriching others and you.  You can never achieve Completion just by Completion. Because, just by Completion you will not know, know whether you are complete or not; your self-doubt will continue to rule you. Put yourself in the space of Enriching others.  When you start Enriching, all the questions you face, only when you answer them, when you relate with people and able to enrich people, only then you will have confidence over you! Till you enrich others, your Completion can never be complete. 

If you observed, even yesterday I said very clearly, after blessing Ma Vishweshwara I told her, ‘Take up the project of “Graceful Exit”.’  Only then, when you share this experience with others, only when you enrich the world with this experience, that gets strengthened in you, this experience does not get lost in your self-doubts.  Otherwise, after a few days, ‘Who knows what it is?  Still I carry this Integrity, Authenticity problem.’  You will create self-doubt, and in that self-doubt, the strength of this experience can be forgotten, can be washed away.  Don’t allow that!

Whenever I sit in front of Nithyanandeshwara or Kalabhairava, I look only at me and say, ‘Hey, be in the space of only Enriching and nothing else, nothing else, nothing else. Be in the space of only Enriching.’

Even in your deepest hypocrisy – the hypocrisy has layers and layers in you – even in your deepest layer, you are not hypocritical about your goal, your purpose, your reason to exist, just Enriching, other than Enriching if you find anything else as a driving force of your life, complete with it. Anything else if it is a driving force in your life, it’s powerlessness. It is powerlessness. Let the Enriching be the one and only goal, driving force in the life. Let the Enriching be the only energy which drives you, which drives your intelligence, which drives you to the idea of fulfillment  Understand, any idea of fulfillment you carry other than Enriching, you are going to experience hopelessness and depression. Any hope you carry other than Enriching will lead you to hopelessness. Life is for Enriching. The purpose you got embodied, the purpose for which you assumed the human body, is only for Enriching.

What do I mean by living totally ?

Try to live with more clarity, that’s all. Make the other people see sense in whatever they try to impose upon you. With clarity, you will be able to identify what your own desires are, what others have imposed on you and what desires you have borrowed from others. The first set of desires alone need to be fulfilled without any harm to any person or property. The other two need to be dropped with the help of clarity. If you live this way, you will no more be fulfilling others’ desires and you will be no more living others’ lives. You will live your own life, and experience fulfillment, and you will be ready to die when the time comes. You will have no lurking confusion and fear of death. I am not asking you to be selfish. I am only asking you to bring clarity into the whole thing. 

Once a Zen monk was ordered by the king to be put to death. He was supposed to be killed the next day. 

The monk remained calm and silent. 

One of his disciples, shocked by the monk’s calmness, asked him, “Do you realize you have only 24 hours to live? Are you not afraid?”. 

The monk replied calmly, “I have lived every moment of my life, moment to moment, and therefore I have no fear of dying”.