Fear of God ?

Understand, God knows better than you know yourself. So there is no reason to fear Him or please Him. Even better than your mother or father, God knows you. He knows you not only in this birth but in all the births that you have taken until now. You are an open book in front of Him. He can refer to any page at any time! So drop your fear of God and look upon Him as a totality of Existence. Look upon Him as the ultimate friend. However hard society tries to make you afraid of God, don’t listen to it. Develop your own relationship with God – a solid and trusting one – the only relationship that is required in your life. 

When you start relating with Existence or God, you start relating with yourself much better than before. You will know what exactly is going on inside you. Your inner intelligence will grow. Your fears will drop. You will learn to look properly into anything before feeling fear about it. You will not feel any compulsion to do anything. Intelligence will replace fear. You will be more relaxed and joyful. You will feel liberated. 


There is no such thing as tomorrow

In life, you keep postponing everything. You postpone your enjoyment, you postpone your work, you postpone everything for tomorrow. You have to understand that ‘tomorrow’ also comes in the form of ‘today’ only! When it comes as today, you say ‘tomorrow’ again. It is a game that you play with yourself. Procrastination is the mentality by which we lose out on life itself.

People ask me, “Swamiji, how are you able to do so many things in such a short period of time?”. It is amazing for them to see my calendar for the year! They are amazed to see the various things happening throughout the year across the world. I tell them, “It is very simple – I live totally in the present. I don’t procrastinate like you”. 

If you just look at the mirror everyday and tell yourself that today is the last day in your life, you will stop procrastinating. You need not tell yourself this all your life; just a month will do. Automatically, you will start living life without procrastination. Not only that, your fears about losing your prestige, embarrassment, pride and expectations will all dissolve, because you will know that you have nothing to lose. 


How to handle fear without fear ?

First of all understand that all small fears are mere projections of the ultimate fear of death. Second, don’t resist the fear in fearyou. Just keep repeating to yourself that you are scared and go through it, that’s all! You will soon find that the fear is no longer there because you saw it through. Start doing this every time you feel fear. When you consciously work on this, you will understand that what you call fear is nothing but your response or reaction to an incident or thought. Depending on how you respond, you can claim that you did not have fear or had fear. And, with more and more awareness, you can respond towards fear without fear. Remember one thing: No one can claim to be fearless. One can learn to handle fear without fear, that’s all. If anyone professes to be fearless, be very clear that they have not analyzed deeply the subject of fear and human response to it. Don’t start thinking that they are super-humans and you are a lesser human being.

It is only a question of bringing awareness into our fears. You will then wonder what it was that caused the fear in you!

You can even sit by yourself and imagine that your fears are happening to you. In your imagination, confront them with deep awareness and calmness. If you suffer in the process of visualization, it is alright. Don’t suppress it or punish it.  If your body shakes with fear, let it. Just co-operate with it.Anything suppressed only takes up another form. It doesn’t get uprooted totally. So, suppression is not the way to overcome fear. Awareness is the way. In fact, if you suppress fear, you are missing the chance of overcoming it. Anything when lived out completely will have no effect over you. All your fears are simply fear of your fears, that’s all. 

When you continuously look into your fears with awareness, even when death comes, you will look into it with awareness and allow it to happen to you. It is important to be able to do this because ultimately all your fears are nothing but the fear of death. When you work on your day-to-day fears, your fear of death unconsciously decreases, and when your fear of death decreases, your day-to-day fears decrease! It is virtuous cycle. 

What do I mean by living totally ?

Try to live with more clarity, that’s all. Make the other people see sense in whatever they try to impose upon you. With clarity, you will be able to identify what your own desires are, what others have imposed on you and what desires you have borrowed from others. The first set of desires alone need to be fulfilled without any harm to any person or property. The other two need to be dropped with the help of clarity. If you live this way, you will no more be fulfilling others’ desires and you will be no more living others’ lives. You will live your own life, and experience fulfillment, and you will be ready to die when the time comes. You will have no lurking confusion and fear of death. I am not asking you to be selfish. I am only asking you to bring clarity into the whole thing. 

Once a Zen monk was ordered by the king to be put to death. He was supposed to be killed the next day. 

The monk remained calm and silent. 

One of his disciples, shocked by the monk’s calmness, asked him, “Do you realize you have only 24 hours to live? Are you not afraid?”. 

The monk replied calmly, “I have lived every moment of my life, moment to moment, and therefore I have no fear of dying”.

In search of Death

There was a famous king by the name of Uchaishravas. He was suddenly possessed by a desire to control the entire world and so he performed a Vaajapeya yaga – a fire offering that is done when one wants to rule the whole world. According to the rules of this offering, one has to give away as offering all valuable things that are of great attachment to them. Only then, one can get the position of the lord of the world.

Kings are always good business men. They have to be otherwise they cannot be  kings and have control over such vast property. They will see what minimum they can give and what maximum they can get out of it.

This king started offering things such as cows that were at the fag end of their lives, that had given all the possible milk they could give for a lifetime, and that had given birth to as many calves as possible in their lifetime and ready to die. He was offering all such worthless things.

His son, Nachiketa, about 7 years of age, was watching what was happening. Nachiketa knew that his father was not doing the right things but he did not know how to tell him. You see, children are very sharp and intelligent. You can’t cheat them. Society has not yet corrupted and conditioned them.

He was watching his father carefully. He finally went up to him and said, “Father, you have to give away all your highly priced possessions. I am one of your highly priced possessions. To whom are you going to give me as an offering?”.

The king understood that his son was digging at him for what he was doing, but his ego didn’t allow him to give way. He continued with his worthless offerings.

Once more, the boy asked him the same questions and the king kept quiet.

The third time, the boy shook his father and asked him to whom he was planning to offer him. 

The king got very angry and blurted out, “I will give you to Lord Yama. You go to Yama”.

An ordinary boy would have said “Why should I go? You have lived a full life, so you go!”.

But Nachiketa was a very sincere and committed boy. Commitment and honesty possessed him like a ghost. To respect his father’s words, he decided to go and meet Lord Yama. 

Remember that the first and the last person on planet Earth to go and meet Yama was Nachiketa. Normally only Yama comes to meet people, but for the first time, Nachiketa went to meet Yama. 

He reached the abode of Yama, but Yama was not there! He had gone out. 

For three days Nachiketa waited. 

Understand one thing here: A great truth is established at this point of the story. When we go in search of death or we have the courage to face death, death will not be there as we know it!

Anyhow, Yama returned after three days. His servants told him about the young boy who was waiting for him.

Yama rushed to see Nachiketa. He apologized for not being there to receive him. He further told him, “For having made you wait for three days, I grant you three boons. You may ask for any three boons, and I will grant them to you”. 

For Nachiketa, death turned out to be God that granted him boons! He asked for three boons. 

The first boon was, “My father should not be angry any longer. He should recognize me and receive me with love when I return”. Nachiketa asked for this boon out of the deep love for his father so that he does not suffer from the consequences of consigning his son to death. 

Yama granted him the boon. 

The second boon was, “Instruct me in the fire sacrifice that leads to heaven, for there is no fear in heaven, nor old age nor death”. 

This boon was also granted and Yama led Nachiketa through the fire sacrifice, and then named it Nachiketa Agni. This was a fire which could raise one’s consciousness to a heavenly experience, and experience of pleasure. 

The third boon was,  “Please teach me the truth of Existence, of life and death. Do I exist after death or not. Please tell me this.”

Yama was shocked at Nachiketa’s question. He told him “Please do not ask me this question. You are asking the very secret of death which I cannot deliver to you. I will give you immeasurable wealth if you wish, but please don’t ask me this question”. 

But Nachiketa was insistent. 

He said, “Even if I take all this wealth from you, I will be a mere trustee to your wealth for about 100 years to 1000 years, that’s all. I still have to come to your abode once that period is over! It is not going to be of any use to me. So please tell me the secret of death instead”. 

Yama saw the maturity and commitment of the boy to know the truth. He decided that he should give Nachiketa the truth. The experience he took the boy through became the experience of the soul for the boy and Nachiketa flowered and became enlightened. 

This is a beautiful story from the Upanishad called Katopanishad. Don’t analyze whether this story is a fact or not. Don’t start looking for dates and history. It conveys the truth – that is enough. Use it as a ladder to reach the truth, instead of clinging onto the ladder and missing the truth. 

Four things need to be understood from this wonderful story. The first thing is that when we go in search of death, when we face death, it will not be there as we thought it would be. This is symbolized by Yama being absent when Nachiketa goes to meet him. Secondly, even if death is there, it is not the terrifying thing that we think it is; it is loving and giving. This can be seen from the way Yama greeted and spoke to Nachiketa. The third thing is that death is our greatest teacher ever. That is why Yama taught Nachiketa many things. Lastly, death can give us the ultimate gift – enlightenment, which Yama did. 

When you integrate your intellect it becomes knowledge, it leads you to life solution, you will understand about the Cosmos. 

When you integrate your emotions it leads to devotion, you will feel connected to Cosmos. 

When you integrate your being it leads to dhyana, you will realize Cosmos. 

Why Deity worship?

Deity worshipAll the doctors, even Allopathy doctors need to raise their energy level high otherwise when you treat the patient, when the patient is respectful, is having feeling connection with you, you are going to entangle yourself with the patient if you don’t raise your energy to the higher level you are going to get the patients’ disease to you. Entanglement can be negative also. If you are not energetic enough to protect yourself, if you do not have direct protection of an enlightened being or if you don’t have higher entanglement, only lower entanglements in your life, you are bound to fall sick.

In the grown up countries they are suffering because they are not able to dispose the garbage. One city collects from the whole city and dumps in another one village. That village collects and dumps it in another one village. They collect it and dump it in another one city. Same way only the so called grown up cities are suffering unable to dump the inner garbage. The house wife collects everything and dumps on the husband. The husband collects and dumps everything on the psychiatric doctor. Psychiatric doctor collects everything and dumps everything on another one his size psychiatric doctor. His psychiatric doctor do not know where to go and dump. The dumping garbage has become a big problem for the humanity in grown up countries, not only external, internal also. In India, fortunately we know how to reduce the garbage into ashes without any side affect or after affect, without leaving anything, affecting the environment. 

Method of dumping the inner garbage without creating any societal, environmental pollution, side affect or after affect is deity worship. 

Each deity energized, which went through the Prana Pratishta process is in entanglement with higher consciousness. That is what I prove when I materialize. When a devotee can receive vibhoodhi, kumkum and materialize, it is the same as deity also receiving vibhoodhi, kumkum and materializing. How when somebody’s kundalini is awakened, when somebody is initiated as a healer is in entanglement with me. Same way the deity is also in entanglement with Me. Once the Prana Pratishta is done, that deity is continuously in entanglement with the super consciousness.

Ramanatha Swamy is in entanglement with Sri RamaChandra and the consciousness Sri RamaChandra experiences which is Shiva Himself. Because Ramanatha Swamy was installed by Rama in Rameshwaram, now the Ramanatha Swamy is in entanglement with Rama and Rama’s pure inner consciousness. Same way there is a deity called “Krishneshwar” in Dwaraka, installed and worshipped by Krishna. That diety is in entanglement with Krishna and Krishna’s inner space which is Shiva Himself. Same way in Tiruvannamalai there is a temple called Adi Annamalai. The main Arunachaleshwara temple is Jeeva Samadhi of Arunagiri yogeeshwara but Adi Annamalai temple is the deity installed by Arunagiri yogeeshwara for His own personal worship when He was in the body. The Shiva linga in the temple is in entanglement with Arunagiri yogeeshwara, Shiva Himself. So, each deity is in entanglement with the consciousness which has installed it.

That is why I am telling you deity worship is one of the greatest inner garbage removing system created by our ancient rishis. The whole so called developed countries are suffering and are unable to do the garbage removal. They are spending billions of dollars in the inner garbage removal, creating huge number of psychiatrists, psycho-analysts and psychiatrists, psycho-analysts for psychiatrists and psycho-analysts. 32.4% percent i.e. 75 million Americans are suffering from clinically provable mental disorder every year. This is because of the inner garbage disposal problem. In the Vedic tradition, we know how to dispose the garbage and make it as a manure. All our temples burns your internal garbage and transform you, make the whole garbage into manure and give it back to you.

Does this mean you have to go to temple when you have problem or suffering. NO. When you finish your daily business, go to temple and offer your gratitude. When you finish your life related decisions, go to temple and offer your gratitude. If you have finished building the house, go to temple, offer the gratitude. You got married, go to the temple, offer your gratitude. Any major events in your life connect with the temple. Even entertainment, entrainment, enlightenment, everything should happen with entanglement. Life should become en-templement. 

Entanglement and Healing

Entanglement means two person falling in tune with same thought. Entrainment means two person falling in tune with same idea. Enlightenment means two person uniting beyond ideas. When you unclutch, you are in entanglement with Me. This again opens a huge door then is the thoughts of the healer are going to affect us. Yes. That’s why go to a person only who is thought less and beyond mind. Do not receive healing from ordinary reiki healers and other healers. Receive only from an enlightened being and all my healers during the moment of healing because they are entangled with Me, they represent Me and it is equivalent to you receiving healing directly from Me. You don’t need to worry at all and doubt at all about My healers. Understand this is the physiology of feeling connection. When you have a feeling connection your very physiology is different and feeling connection itself has its own physiology. 

Whole world is supporting My existence

I wanted to share with you from the young age I used to feel a very deep strong feeling inside me. Its like Vivekananda says once to His guru Ramakrishna, “Whenever I fall asleep I feel a ball of light happening in front of me and exploding into my inner space, I just fall asleep, fall into that.” And He says He always felt all kids used to sleep like that only. He never thought He is someway special because of that experience. He thought not only for me but for everybody always this is the way it is. Ramakrishna was so happy and He said “You don’t know how special you are. Only people who can compare you with normal human beings can understand how special you are”. How Vivekananda was feeling always He falls into that light, I have one experience. I had from the young age unbroken thought trend, experience, not even a thought trend but a current – that whole world is celebrating My presence. The whole world is supporting My existence. The whole world is supporting, fulfilling for what I took birth. This one feeling, one experience was a constant inspiration. Please understand, till now, even after this whole scandal and abusal I went through by the unconscious hypocritical society, some how that strong feeling inside, that strong current inside – everybody is part of My drama, My leela. The happening which is happening through this body is being supported by all the people who cherished so much enmity, so much conspiracy, so much of vengeance, wanted to destroy Me and My mission physically, legally, socially and character assassination. Tried to poison, tried to kill, tried to threat, tried to physically destroy, what not. But still somehow unimaginable confidence, the unimaginable joy, unimaginable experience, whenever I relax either into Samadhi or into rest or into sleep, you can call with different names but I have only one thing – Turiya. Whenever I relax into that I have such a strong confidence, such a clear experience, not even confidence just an experience – all these fellows who have cherished so much enmity, vomited so much venom on Me and My mission, and just yesterday I had an abusive email from ex-devotee. Anyhow even after seeing that mail, after seeing that whole thing some how I feel this whole thing is My own drama.

This whole thing, not just this scandal, this whole Cosmos, this whole Prapancha, this whole universe – I have a strong feeling is just My play and every body is helping in what I am doing and everything is supporting in what I am doing.

Everything is playing for My side. Still I do not feel that there is something playing opposite side. How to exist in the planet earth, that’s a big problem.