Truth is that universal or cosmic intelligence responds to every thought of ours!

This may be a surprising revelation, but the truth is that universal or cosmic intelligence responds to every thought of ours. Interesting research by Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto shows this point very clearly.

Dr. Masaru Emoto did experiments on water. He collected water samples from different sources and exposed them to various kinds of thoughts. Then he froze the samples and studied their crystalline structure through a microscope with the help of high-speed photography. Thousands of these crystals were studied under tightly regulated conditions of temperature, cooling time and lighting. He did various experiments on these water samples, playing different types of music to the water, talking to the water, reading out from ancient life teachings, praying with a certain intention etc.

He found that when the water samples were exposed to healing music, the water crystals that formed were very beautiful and graceful. The water exposed to negative feelings or thoughts did not form crystals but rather an irregular structure which reflected the emotions of the person handling them.

Another series of experiments was done to study the effect of words and sounds. The water used was distilled water. The water sample was divided into two parts and placed in different bottles, one labeled ‘Thank you’ and the other labeled ‘You are a fool’ in different languages such as English, Japanese and Korean. After exposure to these labels, the frozen water samples when examined under the microscope showed a clear difference in the crystal structure. Continue reading →

We are a microcosm of the macrocosmic intelligence, which is a beautiful orderly chaos!

The microcosm, that is this individual body, is intelligence. In the same way, the macrocosm, that is the universe, is also intelligence, pure energy. The same intelligent energy which runs the universe is also running your body.

The universe, the macrocosm, looks like there is a lot of chaos. There are so many planets, stars, comets and all the heavenly bodies existing all together in the universe. But they all move so precisely in a beautiful order, with no police or regulatory authority! Imagine if one planet moved out of its orbit. There would be so many collisions in space! This is what is meant by the words ‘order in chaos’.

What we think is chaos in the universe is actually beautiful order. This is enough proof to show that the universe is not just power, it is a combination of power and intelligence. The intelligence is nothing but the energy of the universe. Energy IS intelligence.

That is why this energy can heal a person in a purely energy based healing system. It is pure cosmic intelligence that knows which part of the body to flow into and heal. For example, that is why even without knowing where the liver is located in the body, you can heal the liver with healing energy. Energy is pure intelligence. When we realize this power and order in the macrocosmic chaos, we enter into bliss. Continue reading →

Nithya Sutra of Acceptance, Meditation technique

  • Please sit straight.
  • Close your eyes and be in a relaxed way without moving the body. Body movements will create thoughts. So if your body is stable without movement, it can take you to a deeper silence.
  • Very consciously and intensely, create an intention that you are accepting yourself as you are in the outer world and the inner world, this moment.
  • Tell yourself, ‘I have enough nice things in the outer world, enough possessions. I have enough good qualities in the inner world, my inner feelings. I am accepting myself completely. There is no need to develop myself in the outer world or in the inner world. If I have ego, that is ok. If I have guilt, that is ok. If I have fear, that is ok. If I have greed, that is ok. Whatever I have been told I have, is ok. Even if I am going to die the next minute, it is ok.
  • Decide consciously, ‘I accept everything.
  • Don’t bother whether it is right or wrong. Whatever objection your mind raises, accept that also. Accept the present moment. Accept all the future moments. Whatever your mind thinks as the worst thing that can happen to your life, accept even those moments.
  • If it happens, you cannot avoid it. It is inevitable. Understand the inevitability and accept everything.
  • Do this for 21 minutes.

Your intelligence will simply awaken and show you how to relate with every moment, how to relate in every situation, in every relationship.

source: Living Enlightenment

You have an independent intelligence in your system which runs your life without your interference!

Please understand, energy is compassion, energy is intelligence, and energy is bliss. Energy, compassion, intelligence and bliss are four sides of the same pillar. If all four are present, it is super-consciousness. If any one is missing it is unconsciousness. When the energy manifests itself through the head, it is intelligence. When energy manifests itself through the heart, it is compassion. When energy manifests itself through the being it is pure energy. When energy does not manifest outside but remains inside, it is bliss!

An important thing to understand which may shock you is, you have an independent intelligence in your system which runs your life without your interference. Right now, you think you need to interfere with your intelligence in order to run your life happily. But the truth is the intelligence with which you came down to planet earth, the intelligence which created your very body, can run your life beautifully for you. The intelligence or the energy based on which you created your body at birth, is called your bio-memory. Continue reading →

If my body is again and again replacing itself, rejuvenating itself, then why do I carry the same disease?

Electric current does not have its own intelligence. If you fix a bulb in the socket, it will glow. If you put your hand in the socket, it will give you an electric shock! But the energy in your body is not like that. It is an intelligent, healing energy. Your body has a natural self-healing energy. You can see it at work when you see a cut or a wound healing itself even without any intervention on your part. There is an automatic body intelligence which is constantly rejuvenating and even replacing the cells in your entire body. If some part of the body is damaged you have enough intelligence inside to replace the damaged cells. But when the ego or mind interferes, this natural process is interrupted.

Constantly our body repairs itself and cells replace themselves.

You might ask, ‘Then why does the same disease occur again in my body? If my body is again and again replacing itself, rejuvenating itself, then why do I carry the same disease?’ Because you strongly believe that the disease is continuing! You carry the same mental setup that strongly believes that you are not well. This is what stops the self-healing from happening in your body. All you need to do is just trust the automatic intelligence which is in you and relax.

Energy is intelligence. Your being is intelligence. The problem is, you never trust that your being is intelligent. You weigh yourself only with your weakest link and you are not your weakest link. Be aware, you are something more than your weakest link. The strength of a chain can be measured based on the weakest link but the strength of your being cannot be measured this way because you are something more than what you think you are. Actually your body has the capacity to heal every disease, physical or mental, however complex it might be. The secret is to use the lost science of self-healing. This is what the science of Nithya Spiritual Healing is all about. It is a process of connecting the intelligence of the person to the cosmic energy, which is pure intelligence, through an initiated healer.

source: Living Enlightenment

When we become conscious of what we are doing, many things drop on their own!

A real incident:

Once a young man came to me and asked me to help him stop smoking.

I asked him how he picked up the habit in the first place.

He said, once he had gone out with a group of friends who were all smokers. He happened to meet his father on the road that day. Seeing him in the group, his father assumed that he too had been smoking. When he returned home, his father yelled at him, and refused to believe him when he said he was not smoking. The boy said that the next day he smoked a whole pack of cigarettes just to spite his father! In that way he gradually got addicted.

When he asked me how to drop it, I told him, ‘Don’t drop it. Go ahead and smoke. But don’t do it to prove anything to anybody. Don’t do it to spite your father. And don’t imagine that you have become mature and independent by smoking.

Every time you pick up a cigarette, do it silently. Be conscious of why you are smoking. Consciously feel the smoke entering your system. Be aware of how you hold the cigarette, how you put it in your mouth. You will realize on your own.’

After just a few days the boy returned to me. He said, ‘Swamiji, I am not able to smoke anymore! Doing it consciously, I started wondering how I could send so much smoke into my system! Also I realized that smoking is not that important to me after all.’ Then he added something which made me very happy. He said, ‘Swamiji, I realize now that I have been abusing my body all these days by pushing smoke into my system.’ Continue reading →

When our body can digest food, pump blood, adapt to the environment and at the same time perform a thousand other complicated tasks without help from outside, you have to accept that there is an intelligent energy driving it.

How many of us realize the tremendous intelligence that our body possesses?

Take the example of our digestive system.

The whole process of converting bread to blood is such a complex and delicate one, requiring fine intelligence to convert the different types of food into energy to run the body. What is achieved through a few feet of coiled intestine would need a few miles, if it were an industry outside of the body! The process of digestion starts from our mouth. We chew the food and the saliva we secrete starts the digestion. There are so many big and small body elements that perform amazing functions in the process. We swallow the food and it passes through the throat into the food pipe. Beautifully the food is blocked from going into the wind pipe instead of the food pipe by the epiglottis. The food enters into the stomach, which is like an elastic bag and has a delicate and powerful digestive mechanism. Depending on the type of food taken in like carbohydrates, proteins or fats, the digestive mechanism varies.

The digestive fire in us, what we call jataragni in Sanskrit, is related to the acid in the stomach. The stomach is such a delicate organ but it actually contains this powerful acid needed to digest the food we eat. The stomach itself is beautifully protected from this acid by a thick mucus layer around its wall which neutralizes the acid. All the complex foods we eat take just a few hours to digest and absorb into our system. Imagine not even a single process has to be consciously thought about! It is managed automatically and so precisely, adapting itself so beautifully to accommodate all our diets. After the stomach, the food passes into the small intestine where the majority of the digestion takes place. It is actually a long structure but so efficiently fitted in a small area with many folds which increases the surface area of absorption. Most of the nutrients get absorbed in the small intestine. The main function of the small intestine is absorption of nutrients. The complex products like carbohydrates and proteins are broken down into basic elements and absorbed. The nutrients that are absorbed are carried to the liver for further processing. Then the food moves into the large intestine where mostly water absorption occurs. Then the food that cannot be absorbed like fiber is mixed with other waste products from the body and thrown out as waste matter. This is just a basic explanation of digestion. Continue reading →

Intelligence is the quality that witnesses the mind because of which thoughts are simply dissolved

Thinking arises from the mind, which is actually one of the most marvelous mechanisms. But the problem arises when the mind becomes your master instead of a tool in your hands.

A small story:

There lived a king who had a very faithful servant. He was so loyal he had even risked his own life to save the life of the king on a couple occasions. On one such occasion, the king highly pleased with the servant asked him for anything he wanted.

The servant humbly replied, ‘I don’t need anything, O King. You have given me everything I need.’ But the king insisted. Finally, the servant said, ‘Ok. If you really want to give me something, please make me the king for one day.’

The king was a bit uncomfortable but he had already promised and had to keep it up. The morning of the day the servant became the king.

He simply pointed to the king and ordered the royal guards, ‘Kill him!’

The king was shocked and asked the servant, ‘Do you know what you are saying?’ The servant calmly replied, ‘I am the king today. I can do what I wish to.’ The king was killed and the servant remained king forever. Continue reading →

You cannot become intelligent because it is not attaining something new, it is discovering your very being!

Intelligence is being open to life. It is being welcoming to people, situations and everything in life. Many times you can see that you have your own expectations and ideas of how things should be. You are afraid to receive life with open arms. Can you put conditions on how the weather should be tomorrow?


Then why do you put conditions on how the ‘weather’ at home, the mood of your wife or child, should be?

Understand, there are two things that we can do. One is collecting the data, making the argument and making a judgment. The second is forming a judgment and then collecting arguments to support that judgment. Most of the time we have already formed the judgment and then we pay attention only to those incidents that support our judgment. For example, you have formed an opinion of your husband or wife. By now you know what your husband will say if you ask him to come shopping with you. By now you know what your wife will say if you ask her to join you in watching the Sunday football match. Based on just these few incidents, you would have made so many more judgments about them. You don’t credit him or her to have an intelligence that gets updated from every moment of life. The problem is, you don’t even credit yourself with having that natural intelligence. That is why you can’t believe others can become updated.

Operating with intelligence is the process of going back to the innocence you were born with.

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Acting out of your own intelligence is taking complete responsibility for what you do at all times!

In life, because it is easy to place responsibility on others, you blindly follow other people’s directions instead of relying on your own intelligence. You say you are obedient, but you are actually shirking the responsibility of owning up to your actions. This is a dangerous and age old habit of following the rule book. It is dangerous because sometimes you are not even aware that you are missing responsibility and intelligence. You become a parrot, repeating the same thing for years together because someone told it to you. It is always easy to put the blame on the whole world for what happens in your life. But if you just look a little deeper, you can see how you are completely responsible for what is happening in your life! Because you do not live every moment with awareness and take responsibility for your words and actions, you do so many things unconsciously. Then, when the effects of these actions happen, you claim you don’t deserve the results! Acting out of your own intelligence is taking complete responsibility for what you do at all times.

For example, when you obey someone else you feel that you are being subservient to that person. But when you disobey that person, you feel guilty because a part of you feels that you should obey him or her but you are not obeying. The way out of this conflict is to follow your intelligence at that time with the clear understanding that you alone are responsible for your action. Then you will not hurt anyone including yourself. And you will be responding intelligently to the person you are disobeying as well. The answer depends on the person asking the question!

Moving with time, flowing with life, becoming a fluid process instead of being a solid ego is called intelligence

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Intelligence is being aware and spontaneous!

You have a natural, spontaneous intelligence inside you. You have tasted it as a child. As a child, you looked at things in a very simple, straightforward way. That is why you were so spontaneous. What took away that spontaneity as you grew up? The societal conditioning that has been telling you right from when you were a child, ‘You are not enough…’ Because of this, you are constantly trying to become something else, to prove something to others. By constantly thinking that you are not enough, you try to imitate others and waste the wonderful natural energy bubbling inside you.

I read a funny one-liner on a company’s notice board:

Death will be accepted as an excuse, but we would like two weeks’ notice, as we feel it is your duty to teach someone your job prior to your death.
Note: this new benefit program began yesterday.

If you blindly imitate another person’s performance or behavior instead of acting from your own inner spontaneity, your own intelligence, you will be cheating yourself out of wonderful possibilities. Continue reading →

Intelligence is the ability to respond to a situation or challenge

We think we are very intelligent and so we try to mould our children to become intelligent like us. When we start this process, we first teach the child the logic of running in life driven by either fear or greed. Either he has to do something to achieve more, or he has to do something to prevent what he doesn’t want to happen. When you want something to happen, it is greed. When you are afraid that something will happen, it is fear. Either he has to study so he can get better grades and win admission in a good college, this is being driven by greed. Or he has to study so he is not left behind in his future professional life, this is being driven by fear. The motivation for the child is greed or fear, never inner fulfillment. Naturally, the child gets into the rat race and just keeps running, with no time to even look whether he is running for what he really wants. He does not even know that he can enjoy the run! He has been taught that with any other diversion, precious time will be wasted in reaching the goal.

But how many people have felt fulfilled after reaching the ‘goal’?

When you reach the goal you have set, you realize the goalpost is no longer there. It has moved further, and you want something else now! Just look in. See if you are really bringing up your children or just teaching them to be driven by greed and fear. Take a deep look at yourself and see if simply running the rat race gives the feeling of real fulfillment deep within you. Are you doing what you are doing because that is what you really want to do? Or are you doing it because that is what is expected of you by your family, friends and society? Understand, if you are living your life based on just seeing what others are doing, you are just wasting your precious life. This is what they call ‘herd mentality’ – joining the rat race because everybody else is a part of it. You may even win the rat race, but you are still a rat! Continue reading →