How to live a deathless life in this birth? Is it possible? Where is the soul residing in this body? What will be our next birth?

Kalabhairava’s Answer: Soul does not reside in your body.It only reflects on your body.The place you chose for your soul to reflect decides the level of awareness in which you are going to be living.

If you chose Muladhara, as the place for the soul to reflect you will be centered only on body and the lust and reproduction.You will not find anything else as bigger experience.Human beings chose usually Muladhara and Swadishtana as regular place of reflection.Very few peace lovers make Manipuraka as the reflection spot. When you chose Anahatha as a reflection spot you become a devotee. When you feel and decide Vishuddhi as a reflection spot of the cosmic soul into your individual body you become Shaktha and high achiever.With the shakthi when you chose your Agna as a reflective place,the place of reflection for your soul,you live with extraordinary powers as a Siddha Purusha,the embodiment of Shiva. When you reflect your cosmic soul into your individual body on Sahasrara you live as incarnation,the embodiment of the cosmic soul,Mahadeva himself.Mahadeva resides and expresses unique pure spiritual dimension in your body. So the body is not possessing the soul,Soul only reflects on the body.When it decides not to reflect anymore the body is considered as dead.

When Sahasrara becomes the place of reflection suddenly a new centre develops in your system which is responsible for the Sahasrara to relate,cooperate,coordinate with the lower level of existence also,that new centre is Anandha Gandha. So when you experience the reflection on Anandha Gandha,you directly receive the incarnations energy,radiate the incarnations energy, you become part of the incarnation.

As you asked in the question,Is life without death is possible? Is deathless life possible? Mahadeva very clearly tells you all, it is possible.He gives you the science which is most sacred secret,seven instructions.

Do not eat anything other than this 3 items.Goat milk,groundnut,Haritaki and continuously be doing ajapa japa.Let your breating be completely guided by the ajapa japa.You can chose any mantra initiated by your enlightened Guru.Ajapa japa,these 3 food and constantly unclutching. Every night getting into death the meditation,death process.Visualize,face all the death,do not allow any samskara uncompleted.Death process is nothing but completion of all the samskaras. When you do death process every night completion of all the samsakaras happens.Understand every instruction when they are imbibed and practiced deathless life is possible.

1) The first instruction : Do not eat anything else other than this 3 : Goat milk,groundnut, Haritaki.

2) Second : Do Ajapa japa. Let your breathing be guided continuously by Ajapa japa.

3) Third : Every night complete all the samskaras and patterns you built,by entering into the death process.

4) Fourth : Practice unclutching,whenever you remember unclutch,unclutch… reduce the time of unawareness and restlessness.Practice the presence of restful awareness.

5) Next remember these great truths about life and let all the cognizant about life be taken based on this one understanding about life and death.

6) Life and death are not two different things.It is just continuous process happening in you as a natural force.

7) Ultimately and finally remember the realization,this body is not away apart from your cosmic soul.It is also the inclusive part of your eternally existing cosmic soul.

These 7 truths can directly make you live deathless life.Deathless life is possible.


What do you think about yourself ?

Your body gets dismantled and assembled everyday. Your intestines replaces itself once in 3 months, your liver replaces itself once in 9 months, even your brain replaces itself once in a year. Practically once a year, your whole body replaces itself. This is the first truth.

Second, the ideas you carry about you plays a major role in reconstruction of your body. Please understand, every idea you carry about you plays a major role in re-construction of your body. Every day if you feel you are a wrestler, you don’t need to do any work out. I challenge, within 3 months the body measurements will be different. I am telling you lazy man’s way to build body. You don’t need to do anything, just contemplation. Only thing one corner of your mind will be barking like a dog, ‘No, no, how can this happen. I am not a wrestler. I can’t even move a tumbler. What do you mean by wrestler ? Wrestler means what you know – you need to punch people. I only get punched everyday’. Just shut that dog and say ‘That may be fact, but that is not truth. It may be fact now, but that does not mean it is going to be truth for tomorrow. I know tomorrow this is going to be the truth’.

The ideas you add everyday about you directly plays a role on your assembling. Its like when you get out of your house and are going to office you will carry office files, if you are going to golf club you will carry golf equipment; where you are going you will carry things necessary for that. Same way everyday when you come out of your deep sleep state, what-for you get into the body, you bring that kind of tools and weapons and assemble the body. So, everyday the idea you have about you directly plays a major role in assembling your body.

Please understand, your mind is you. If your mind is changed, you are changed. That’s all.

Healthy body

Your body is the vehicle for your dreams and your ornament. Your body is vehicle for your dreams, for all your dreams. The dream may be related to relationships or luxury or comforts, joys, experiences or enlightenment or whatever it may be. Your body is vehicle for all your dreams and it is an ornament. This is the definition of body.

Health means the ability to fulfill all the dreams you are carrying in a very casual way without losing the quality of being an ornament. Your body should be able to fulfill all the dreams which you are loading on it by being an ornament for you. It should be an ornament for you and it should be a vehicle for your dreams. That is what I will define as a health. If your body is fulfilling all your dreams and it got damaged, that is not health. It should fulfill all your dreams undamaged, that’s what I call health.

When you become enlightened..

The whole universe wants you to achieve success in your life and is continuously backing you to achieve that success. It is supporting you. If you are able to experience this in your life, you are enlightened. As of now continuously we defend ourselves against the universe, against the existence. When you become enlightened you feel so directly connected, you realize the whole wants you to achieve success and it is backing you, it is supporting you, you just relax and flow with the current.

When the real relationship happens, even the stone can become God

When there is no trust even if God comes down you will ask for ID card. When the trust happens, even the stone can become God. I tell you one thing, when really the relationship happens, the other person really looks like a God. She/He will look like a God and He/She will be God. It is not looking like a God, He/She will be God.

Vivekananda gives a discourse in one place, when He speaks He says “Ramakrishna is God”.

Somebody asks Him, “How can you say He is a God?. You can say He is an enlightened person, a Guru. How can you say He is a God”.

Vivekananda says “He is much more than what you know as God. Whatever you know in the name of God, He is much more than that”. Naturally we can’t accept. It is very difficult.

The guy started fighting, how can He be God, this and that.

Then Vivekananda starts asking “What do you know by the name God?”.

The person says “Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient”.

Then Vivekananda asks “What do you know by the word ‘Omniscient’ ? What do you know by the word ‘Omnipresent’ ?”.

 “Omnipresent – He is present everywhere”.

“What do you know by the word – He is present everywhere. It means He is inside this pillar”.

The person says “Yes, He is inside the pillar”.

Vivekananda – “Then He is inside the pillar material or He is the pillar material”.

The guy says “He is inside the pillar material”.

“Then what about the pillar material, He is not the pillar material?”.

When Vivekananda started questioning, the guy who said Omnipresent, he just started – “No, no,  I don’t understand. I know only few words”.

Vivekananda says “You know only few words about God. Whatever you know about God is only idea, it is just few words, it is not God. You only have idea, I have experience. Ramakrishna is far more superior than all your concept of God”.

Enlightened Master’s are far more superior and higher than your idea of God. 

When the real relationship happens, you really experience the Master as a God. People come and ask me, “Swamiji are you God ?”. I tell them “That depends on you”. They ask “What is this ? How can you say that ?”. 

But true when you really open up and fall in tune, whatever you know as God, whatever you think God can do, all that will be happening in your life through My form. If you think that ‘God will appear in front of you and answer your questions’, you will see that I am appearing and answering. If you think that ‘God will appear in your dreams and heal you’, you will see that I am appearing in your dreams and healing.

When you fall in tune and open up, whatever you think God will do to you, everything will be happening through Me to you. When you are closed, even if I am God I can’t help you.


Doing for having & Doing for being

We all function around these three axes: doing, having and being. Doing for having, without enjoying being, is the sole cause of all misery. Doing never catches up with having. Every time we work hard and fulfill one desire, there are more desires to make us run. Never think “Let me work now, I can enjoy later”. Don’t think you can come back later and enjoy! I tell you, it will never happen. Every tomorrow comes in the form of today. Doing should lead to being every moment, only then you are on the right track. 

Don’t postpone living. Celebrate! Enjoy life – it is now or never. We all run throughout our lives thinking that we can enjoy later., but we land up finally running into the graveyard. When you get onto the running track, you lose your real capacity to enjoy. You forget how to enjoy. 

Sacred secrets on Birth

This video presents the Akashic readings on Birth delivered through Paramahamsa Nithyananda from Cosmic Archives.

Mind is that illusion which shows a tiny mustard seed to be a huge mountain until it is attained, and a mountain to be as insignificant as a mustard seed once it has been attained!

Ramana Maharshi

What is sex ?

The most talked about, thought about and written about subject is sex. The most misunderstood, misinterpreted and confusing subject is also sex! We either try to avoid the subject, or we try to indulge in it. Sex is deeply buried in our unconscious minds. Right from the start, we rarely find someone who can enlighten us on the subject of sex. Sex, more than any other subject, needs to be illumined with the light of consciousness. 

Sex is a tremendous creative energy. It is a meditative energy. The whole world has arisen out of sex energy. 

Our ancient enlightened masters, the rishis, have given us great clarity on this subject. Do you know that Vatsyayana, the man who wrote the Kama Sutra, the book on the science of sex – was a sannyasi ? He was celibate.  In fact, he delivered the Kama sutra to his own mother.

Vatsayana was questioned once, “What authority do you have to speak on this subject?”. A natural question! I think many of you might be silently putting this question to me also! Have you ever watched two people playing a game of chess? When you simply watch the game, very often, the right move will suggest itself to you – but somehow it never occurs to the two players! What do think could be the reason? Because we are not involved in the game. So, only the man who has come out of the game, who is a mere watcher, can give you the right idea about it. A master is the one who knows the Whole. That is why he becomes the authority on any subject. 

Tantra deals beautifully with the whole concept of sex. In the scriptures, Lord Shiva speaks to Devi Parvati on this subject. Those insights recorded several thousands of years ago are found to be relevant in biology today. Biology has proved that no man is 100% man, and no woman is 100% woman. A man is 51% man and 49% woman. Likewise a woman is 51% woman, and 49% man; just a difference of 1%. This is the basis behind the symbolic representation of Lord Shiva as Ardhanareeshwara, the figure that is half male and half female. Whether we accept it or not, we are an embodiment of both male and female energies. We are whole, not divided. In order to be complete, to be whole, it is essential that we are able to accept and express both the masculine and feminine aspects of our nature. 

But does it really happen? Are we allowed to express both aspects?

Right from the moment of birth, society labels you as either male or female. And it expects you to start behaving accordingly. Society does not allow boys to express their feminine side, nor girls to express their masculine side. Right from a very young age, one half of our is suppressed. A male child is not encourage to play with dolls and kitchen sets. A female child is not encouraged to play with race cars and rockets. Even when it comes to colors of their clothes and other belongings, there is discrimination. You choose blue for boys and pink for girls, it is not?. Until the age of 7, the child is not conscious of being male or female. That is why a very young child has a sense of completeness. He is centered and secure. He is so beautiful and joyful to look at! 

Man’s inherent nature is fulfillment. He came from fulfillment and looks to attain as well. So as a child, he begins to search for the lost half, the suppressed half, unconsciously. He starts looking at the outside world for a substitute for his own lost half. The male child starts searching for a female presence and the female child for a male presence. 

This is where the whole idea of sex starts. This is how the idea of sex takes root. 

Socrates was killed by being forced to drink the juice of the poisonous herb called hemlock. 

Just before he drank the poison, one of his disciples asked him, “Master, are you not afraid of dying? You appear to be so calm”.

Socrates replied, “Why should I be ? I know that only two things can happen after death. Either I will continue to exist, in some other form or name, or I will cease to exist after death. In the first case, there is nothing to worry about. In the second case, who will remain to worry? So either way, there is nothing to fear!”. 

Morality makes you totally dull and dead!

Morality always instills fear. In our lives, morality is nothing but a poor substitute for intelligence. When you act out of your own intelligence, you can be confident of yourself. But when you act out of rules and regulations, you can never be sure of yourself, because you are not yourself to start with! You are not centered in yourself; you are centered on the rules. People who preach morality are so deeply in fear. That is why they preach about it. They are afraid either because they are unsure of themselves or because they know to be moral only with fear. Moralists can become neurotic with their concept of morality and discipline. 

Once there was a moralist who normally walked on the streets with carefully measured steps. 

One day it suddenly began raining very heavily. 

The moralist just followed the crowd and ran along. 

After running for a while, he realized that he was careless about his manner. He said to himself, “What am I doing! Running is undignified. A gentleman must correct his mistakes regretfully if he has made any”. 

So he returned in the rain to the place where he had begun running, and walked again, with measured steps. 

When I tell you this, I am not telling you that this is a free world and you can do anything you like. I am telling you that you have to develop your own intelligence and live so that rules will only be a confirmation of what you already know and feel. This is real intelligence. Any proper rule will only be a confirmation of what the rightly flowered intelligence feels. So drop your fears and try to find your inner intelligence, your inner master.