Mere thinking is never going to get you that result. Only creating a space is going to get you the result. Creating the space means taking the responsibility along with thinking.

When you bring Integrity in your thinking, Authenticity in your actions, Responsibility in your being and Enriching in your life, your frozen inside melts down, starts becoming one with life. Becoming part of the life is what I call “Enlightenment”.

Continuously live in the space of Completion.

Completion is the puja. Completion is the homa. Completion is the tapas. Completion is devotion. Completion is yoga. Completion is the path. Completion is the growth. Completion is everything.

Out of completion any moment brings the greatest stability and most exciting.

Human life in i…

Human life in its pure presence is eternal excitement.

Authenticity is nothing but completing with the incompletions you carry about being active. Complete with all the incompletions you have about being active ! Most unfortunate thing, happened in the world is parents not able to handle the kids when they are active and kids getting controlled for it. Kids start developing a pattern that being active is bad !!!! 

The first thing that will happen when you complete with the incompletions you carry in life regarding being active is: your lust pattern will leave you. Lust is just a side effect of being incomplete with being active…you are trying to be secretly active !!!

Love is a flower that blossoms deep within your being and sends out a sweet fragrance that we share with others.

Love is the poetry that connects you back to the existence.

Love is the sword that slays the ego and merges you with the ocean.

Love feels the joy of just being.

Love is the ultimate experience of a human being.

Love is an intense experience in one’s inner space.

Love gives you tremendous awareness.

Love is experiencing life moment to moment, in its totality.

Love is the root of all religions.

Love sows the seeds of joy and unity in you. 

Love by its very nature is transforming.

Love softens and melts you.

Love is nothing but the quality of Existence.

Love is your inner potential.

Love is just oneness with everyone and everything.

Love is an energy that happens in us because of our own very nature.

Love is like a communion which doesn’t need any expression or communication.

Love operates on sheer trust.

Love is beyond space and time.

Love makes everything unique.

Love is love for the sake of love, not for the sake of other person or thing.

Love is a causeless overflowing energy which is always total in its expression.

Completion and Listening are the foundation

Disciple asks Master, ‘What is the difference between you and me?’ Master replies, “I eat when I eat, I sleep when I sleep!’

Only if you are complete, you can do this! Only when you are complete, you can eat while you eat, you can sleep while you sleep. Unless you are complete, you can’t eat while you eat. You will be doing everything while you are eating! You will be doing everything while you sleep! Eat while you eat, sleep while you sleep.

Completion is enlightenment! Completion is auspiciousness! Completion is consciousness!

Complete!You will become more conscious.

Complete! You will become more auspicious.

Complete! You will have enlightenment!

Complete! You will have life!

Understand the life! Understand the strength! You will stop feeling powerlessness only after completion. Till completion, every moment of your life, in some way or other, you will have that shivering, feeling powerlessness continuously in you. Feeling powerless happens because you are broken to pieces! 

Integrity makes you feel powerful, strong. Strength happens in you with Integrity. Strength happens in you with Integrity. Knowledge happens in you with Integrity. Energy happens in you with Integrity. Power happens in you with Integrity. Everything good happens in you with Integrity, but Integrity happens in you only with completion! So, Completion and Listening are the base foundation on which these four principles stand as a pillar, and the space of miracles stands as a roof, enlightenment as a Kailash, and this is the building of Jeevan Mukthi!

Completion and Listening are the foundation. Without this foundation, nothing is possible. So, learn to find your root-pattern and complete! Learn to find your root pattern and complete!