The Four Principles of Life


4 principles of life

1) Integrity is you fulfilling the word and thought you give to yourself and to others, and experiencing a state of Poornatva – completion with yourself and with life.

2) Authenticity is you being established in the peak of your capability and responding to life from who you perceive yourself to be for yourself, who you project yourself to be for others, and, what others expect you to be for them.

3) Responsibility Living and responding to life from the truth that you are the source of, and therefore, you are responsible for all happenings in and around you.

4) Enriching Is you taking responsibility with integrity and authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself and life in and around you.

Past records verses Possibility is the fight between creativity and laziness.

Past record continuously claims laziness even for the greatest creator. I want to confess here even my past record makes me believe I am a failure,after creating this whole universe.Understand when I said ME at that moment I don’t mean this six feet, I meant what I experience as ME. 

Do not believe in Past records. Believe only in Possibility. All great things are created by people who believe in possibility.

The man who perceives the possibility is a Theist – creator. Man who constantly looks at the past record is Atheist.

Integrity of thinking means not having past records continuously influence you, instead letting the new life happen to you. Possibility is life. Past record is dead. When ever you look at the Past records you are dead. Whenever you look at the Possibility you are alive.Whether it is relationship, health, wealth or mental health or even enlightenment, if you look at the past records you are sure you will never be able to get enlightenment, not only now, never. If you look at the possibility you will feel – “Wow! He is here, why can’t then me?”

Creativity means aligning your every thought with the purpose of your existence.

Creativity is not just painting or sculpting or designing something, creativity means creating the life as you want.

Wealth is having the resources in the inner world and the outer world under your disposal to achieve what you decide as your life’s purpose.

Take Responsibility!

When you take responsibility for everything that is happening inside and outside you, then many possibilities are available for you. Take Responsibility! When you take responsibility, then your very breathing will expand. Your thinking, breathing and experience of life – all this progress, when you take responsibility. When you take responsibility with integrity and authenticity, then the mystical spiritual powers are awakened in you. Taking responsibility, awakens the power of creativity in you. With responsibility, you can cure all diseases from your head ache to cancer. Understand – When you expand and experience responsibility, then a unique grace is awakened in you.  

Being responsible is not just to increase your productivity in your work, but to enrich your entire life. Taking responsibility is life. Not taking responsibility is death. When you don’t take responsibility, you shrink. When you take responsibility you expand. In whichever field you feel responsible, you expand in that field. If you take responsibility in every field, then in that every field, you will expand.When you take responsibility for your heart beat, then you will have the capacity to understand the others heart beat also. 

A glimpse of love makes you expand more and more in love.

Take responsibility for love, that is where a relationships starts. If you fulfill others expectations and they also fulfill your expectations, then that is business, not love. Love is beyond business. Love creates life in you. A glimpse of love makes you expand more and more in love. When you take responsibility for a person with the context that you will fulfill their expectations, irrespective of whether they fulfill your expectations or not, then you can experience, happiness, peace and completion in your life. I have a question with me :- If the others expectations limits me, even then should I fulfill their expectations? Answer is : Even then fulfill their expectation and then make them understand that their expectation is limiting you. In-authenticity shrinks you. Only with authenticity, integrity and responsibility you can experience true love and expand. When you are authentic, you can relate with anyone who comes near you with spontaneity. When you respond being in completion, then that leads to more completion. Authenticity means you fulfilling the expectation you have about you, and the expectation others have about you in a complete way. It is more difficult to fulfill yourself than fulfilling others.

The meaning of surrender is taking responsibility for the whole universe. The mind which is not ready to take up this responsibility, surrender even that mind to responsibility. This is surrender. When you surrender to god, you take the responsibility of God. That is liberation.

Relationships are expression of your Inner state

Integrity expands your relationship at different levels. You relate with a lot of things in your life – others, wealth, business, healthy, etc. When you bring integrity, then – you will remove the ignorance that exists in all your relationships. Whenever you experience conflict in your relationships, again and again your in-authenticity presents itself to you. When you bring integrity as the space inside you, the space you perceive, you experience, you operate, suddenly so much of healing happens to you and others. With integrity and authenticity, you will experience a new ‘you’ in you. 

Only when you honor the word you give to others, they will have confidence over you and the relationship expands. Only when you honor the word you give to others, they will have confidence over you and the relationship expands. Relationships are not something external, relationships are expression of your inner state. When you bring in the state of integrity, others will have confidence in you and the conflicts in your life will end. 

Unfortunately, humans are not ready for permanent solutions, they only search for temporary solutions. That is the reason why Guru or teachers give temporary solutions. Permanent solution, even if it takes time, if you start living it, it can immediately end your conflict.

When integrity becomes your way of thinking, then, your self-confidence on you and others’ confidence in you increases. Listen, take on only permanent solutions in your life. Integrity expands you in your view and you in others view. The power of Integrity can make you into a Siddha Purusha. Not only this, Sampoorthi (Integrity) brings friendliness in your relationships. Sampoorthi is an amazing practice that can continuously bring completion in your life. Without integrity you will not know the speed of your life. Only with integrity you will know the purpose of your life.

Why spiritual practices and religious living ??

The moment you assume body, the moment you are embodied, you have already received the possibility of Super-Consciousness. You have to become enlightened, no way, either by being beaten strongly by the fear or greed or spouse or mistress.

You do not have choice whether to experience Super-Consciousness or not, but you have a choice whether the transition into Super-Consciousness is going to be smooth or difficult. 

Life is as such is transition into Super-Consciousness. Nothing else. Even if you drink whole day alcohol and womanize whole night and eat all filth and do all the extreme negative things, you are transitioning into Super-Consciousness. But, difficult, long, hard way, that’s it.

If you are feeling you exist, anything you do is transition into Super-Consciousness. Spiritual practices, religious techniques makes the transition blissful happy. That’s it. 

Life is super-conscious transition, any action you do, the transition is happening. The actions through which the transition is hard, difficult, complicated are called  Wrong acts and wrong thoughts. The acts and thoughts which makes the transition smooth, joyful, relaxed, blissful is called ‘Spirituality’. 

Let the world not create words in you. let the words create world around you!

Authenticity means keeping the ahamkaara, mamakaara, anyaakaara in tune being integrated. Being established and respond to life from ahamkaara : what you believe ass you, mamakaara : what you project yourself to others, anyakaara : what others believe as you which is independent of what you project as you. you are responsible even for anyaakaara. Only when you feel responsible even for what others hold you which is independent of your projection or your feeling. You may feel how can I be responsible for how others perceive  me? Only when you feel responsible, you will feel powerful, empowered, responsible. You will not feel powerless. Life cannot bring any surprises to you. I will expand step by step.

Take responsibility for your ahamkaara, mamakaara and anyakaara. No suffering can come to you. No one can bring suffering to you. It is a part of the anyakaara we don’t want to take responsibility that is why life brings surprises to you. Life brings surprise sufferings to you. When the churning starts, everyone was waiting only for nectar. That is why poison was suffering for them. But Maha Deva was waiting for poison also that is why it could not bring suffering to him. Neelakanta is the symbol he takes responsibility for the anyakaara. In your life also you have alt he 3 – mamakaara, ahamkaara, anyakaara. Take responsibility for all the three. When you take the responsibility for all the three you will feel empowered. You won’t feel powerless. You won’t feel something unexpected is happening. Just let your inner space be completely integrated with the words you utter with authenticity. If you can’t be made to believe you are wrong, you are not wrong.

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Listen !

Authentically listen to the cries of your heart. Your heart continue to  cry for your attention. Authentically listen,Listening does not mean  you will just do what your heart says. Even if you are ready to give your ear, after listening your heart says “it is OK you have heard me that is enough”. Many time even in your family, in your team people does not want you to solve their problem , they just want you to listen to their problem. Once you listen even if you don’t solve it is OK .

Everything starts with a word

Everything starts with word.

Everything starts with a declaration.

Everything starts with commitment.

Clearly expressed word is fulfillment. The word which is perverted and hurting yourself is guilt. The word which is hurting others is violence. The word which goes on expanding you is desire. The words which constantly keep you in completion and expands you is integrity.

If you just decide from this moment, I will honor the words I utter to me and to others as my life, drastically the inner thoughts, inner chattering will reduce. Breakthrough in your thinking process will happen. Because the moment you become aware you have to complete or fulfill every word you utter to you and to others. You will become aware of your thinking and every thought you will know is it from fear or greed or jealousy or ego or arrogance. And immediately you will complete it.

Completion can be done by so many ways – either by working with the person who is related to the root pattern with which you are suffering or by catharsis – a primal sound releasing methods or unclutching. All the 3 can be used for completion based on the depth of the pattern you are carrying. You can try all the 3 on every pattern you are carrying. If you are the only person responsible for that pattern. Sit with the mirror and start the Swapoornatva.