Life out there is a huge THATHAASTHU (blessing of : so be it). Whatever you want, for whatever you are waiting, life gives thathasthu ( so be it) . Continous “so be it” is happening , so for every thought, be integrated to what you want to be. Maintain integrity with what you wanted to be because every thought with awareness or without awareness gets a huge thathaasthu from the cosmos. You will have to bear the consequences of your thoughts whether you want it or not , whether you are aware of it or not. Even if you bring integrity into your thinking that you will complete every time with a thought which is not aligned to what you want to be, even bringing integrity to your thinking, i tell you , you will radiate completion. 

Kudalini Energy and Completion

Every time when you take birth, you give yourself one more chance. When you give yourself one more chance, you declare completion with yourself. Your every birth is your declaration of completion.Then your kundalini Shakti is awakened completely again. At that time of birth if you fall from the state of completion, you bring back your past incompletion. That is prarabdha karma. When you are under your incompletion, you beat your kundalini Shakti to sleep. When you are in the state of completion, your kundalini Shakti is fully awakened. The energy in the completion state is only kundalini energy. When you experience that kundalini energy, at that time you declare completion and create, you are a yogi and your kundalini energy is awakened forever.

Through individual completion enriching the world is only collective completion.

  • The first truth is: completion is only awakening the kundalini energy. kundalini energy awakening is only completion. 
  • The second truth is: every time when you take birth, you give yourself one more chance for completion.
  • Third truth is: if at the time of birth you fall down from the state of completion, you bring back your past incompletion. That is only prarabdha karma.
  • Fourth truth is: the one who has never experienced incompletion is incarnation.
  • Fifth truth is: if you brought your past incompletion and prarabdha karma, now you can bring completion and awaken the kundalini energy.
  • Sixth truth is: by awakening the kundalini energy also you can bring completion.
  • Seventh truth is: when you are in incompletion, your kundalini energy is sleeping. When you are in completion, your kundalini energy is awakened.

When your kundalini energy is awakened, declare completion, immediately enrich others then only you will get confidence over your kundalini awakening.When you discover a spiritual truth, you experience higher energy and consciousness. When you do nirahara samyama, you will experience completion with your body.

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When you are in incompletion, in all places you will experience only fear and lust.
If you are in a state of completion, you experience humor.
If you are in a state of incompletion, you will feel that the whole world is laughing at you.
If you are in a state of completion, even if the whole world is laughing at you, you will also laugh at yourself.

You only have to discover whether life has a purpose or not. The philosophies based on advaita which are based on poornatva teach you that life has a purpose. The philosophies based on shunyataa teach you that life has no purpose. Both are truth. Buddha and Adi Shankara both are Truths. Mahavir and Madhva both are Truths.

Sometimes, people come to me with big problems, if I tell them to try completion, they feel that by giving such a simple solution, I am offending them. Most time in our life all complicated problems are based on simple incompletions. When you complete with one incompletion, all the problems related to that incompletion disappear.

Decide that everyday just 1 hour you will be in the state of completion.

I request all people to do nirahara samyama. When without eating you take only liquids, you will find that in you can get established back in the state of completion. When you are happy or sad, in those moments you are vulnerable; whatever work you do in those moments is very important. In that time, you should read spiritual books, not put food inside you. When the unconscious state presents before you the questions of life, in that time you are vulnerable to being programmed.

Why the solutions you give others don’t work for you?

Humanity suffers from 1 disease – wrong association – dussanga. When you are not associated with you but with your powerlessness, you are in dussanga. When you give words as solution to others, you don’t associate with others’ powerlessness. That is why you are conscious and clear. But the same words when you use to get the solution to your own problems, you associate with your powerlessness. That is why you become unconscious and the solutions don’t work for you.

Keep enriching others.

Continuously when you will see that the spiritual solutions are working for them, you will see that for your won problems also these solutions work. When you give spiritual solutions to others, you are in the right space. Again and again when you are in the right inner space, you are more time in completion, you become mature. Then you will see that the same right inner space also gives the solution for your problem because you learn how to use the right inner space.

First bring distance between you and your powerlessness.

Don’t try to hide your Powerlessness inside you and don’t celebrate it either. Know clearly, nobody is interested in your powerlessness. Don’t encourage your powerlessness. Powerlessness destroys you physically and psychologically both levels. The problem is the inner space with which you work with others is different from the inner space you use to work with you.

If you are in the space of completion even for few moments, you will experience a new different consciousness.Same way, being in the state of incompletion few moments, years of tapas and spiritual growth can be destroyed. Continuously keep enriching others. Help everyone complete with their root thought patterns. People should importantly be given the science of completion.

Completion or incompletion are not logical. They are vertical truths.When you are incomplete, in one moment you can straight fall down.When you are complete, in one moment you can fly.

Holes in our Whole


At any time even once if there is a situation or incident which is making us feel powerless, worried, angry, stressful, unhappy, sad, agitated, violent, guilty, vengeful, frustrated, overwhelmed, less than peaceful or blissful, then we can be sure there are incompletions or holes in our true self.



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The invisible hangovers [incompletions] crowding our inner space from every single incident that we encountered.


The innerspace of a child is more of visualization than verbalization. But when a child goes through a conflicting incident [less than blissful, could be a reprimanding from an elder, a sibling rivalry, fear stroke, etc] for the first time and thereafter, the child handles such a situation with inadequate cognition. That is when the identities and thought patterns set in.

To handle this emergency situation, one picks up 3 identities:

Mamakara: The image about oneself

Ahankara: The image one projects to others & the world

Sva Anyakara: The image about others & the world

Anyakara: The image which one believes that others & world has about oneself


These identities become the repeating root thought patterns which attracts similar situations throughout one’s life. The inner space with the hangovers starts handing all incidents and people with a repeating pattern, even though the people, time & place are different.

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By and by playing with identities of inadequate cognition and masks has become the accepted reality.


We need to integrate who we believe we are and who we project we are with who we truly are.