How can we get to the space of pure listening? 

Each time in our so busy daily lives I can give you simple few techniques:

Listen to your heart whenever you have a suffering thought, panic attack. Whenever you are confronting something , listen to your heart, listen to you blood flow, listen to your liver it will really help you. You will learn listening.

Once in a while, sit with a tree, sit with a river, sit with a water-body. When I say “water-body”, I mean hundred times more quantity water than your blood level is a “water-body” It can be anything; it can be a tank, pond, river. I think your body carries almost five to seven litres of blood based on your size. So, around seven hundred litre water if it is there, it can be considered as a water-body. Even a water-tank seven hundred litres water. If you sit with a water body and listen, it may look very funny in the initial level; but, I tell you, it’ll develop listening!

In the Inner Awakening Level-4, the first initiation you are going to have is “Shravana Deeksha”, initiation into Listening.

Listen when you are feeling confronted.

Listen when you are feeling conflict.

Listen when you are sick and tired.

Listen when you feel why life is like this.

Listen whenever you have a resistance towards something.


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Man, Woman and Love

Women fall in love by what they hear. Men fall in love by what they see. That is why, women are so busy in make-up; men are so busy in making-up!

And you know the funny thing? In a few days the make-up also will go away, making-up also will go away! How long can you say you are a big company owner? Till she comes and sees your roadside platform office!

Unfortunately, men cannot hear, they can only see. When they are impressed by what they see, they don’t hear at all! Same way, women, when they are impressed by what they hear, they can’t see at all!

Many times, women think, ‘I should have come and seen the office and house once before marriage.’ When both of you realize you were dumbos, love disappears! That is the truth! I am telling you the exact truth! How exactly things happen! But you know the funny thing? It is not only the fact! When you really, really fall in love, suddenly you experience the space of Completion! Because of that Completion, you feel this other person is enough. You don’t understand it is Completion which is giving you the feeling of Completion, not the other person!

State of Completion

Completion is being spontaneous, powerful, without having the hangover of the past in the present, having complete inner-space available to you to further your life. Having your inner-space completely in your hand to further your life.

Completion is the state where you rest in awareness.

You always rest in unconsciousness, but with Completion you rest in awareness, you rest in peace, you rest in your existence, you rest in you!

State of Completion

Completion is being spontaneous, powerful, without having the hangover of the past in the present, having complete inner-space available to you to further your life. Having your inner-space completely in your hand to further your life.

Completion is the state where you rest in awareness.

You always rest in unconsciousness, but with Completion you rest in awareness, you rest in peace, you rest in your existence, you rest in you!

 LEADERSHIP is the result of a conscious choice made by an individual. Most of us achieve the status of a leader, but not the state. State is totally different from status. Status comes from society. If we are leading a group of people, or if we are forced to take the responsibility of some department or if we take the responsibility out of greed, the status comes.

Leadership ‘state’ is totally different.

When I use the word ‘state’ I mean our inner space or our being should be mature enough to handle what we are entering or the responsibility which we are assuming. When we just get the status without achieving the state, all the problems which exist in the corporate world start — stress and tension at the personal level, and backbiting and politics at the level of the team. When we become responsible for others, we no longer are focused on ourselves. We move towards serving other people.

Serving other people is leadership. Caring for our own needs without shifting the focus to others is absence of leadership.

A responsible leader is a person who is able to respond spontaneously to situations, who is fresh and continuously keeps himself alive.

However, most of us are constantly taking decisions, unaware and unconsciously through our past memories or Engrams. . As long as we are caught in our unconscious engrams, we can never achieve the state of a leader. We may achieve the status of a leader with a lot of suffering and struggle. When we sit in the leader’s chair with a lot of suffering and struggle, we tend to create the same suffering and struggle for our subordinates. These engrams dictate our productivity, interpersonal skills, teamwork, judgement — all our responses and behavior  But engrams are never understood or given any importance in the field of corporate training and leadership development.

Eastern mystics have spent thousands of years exploring and discovering the inner world. They have created tools and techniques to create the right ‘inner software’ to cultivate leadership skills. Meditation techniques are the software that help us eradicate the engrams. Our goal should be achieving the state of consciousness of a leader and not the status that is achieved by becoming a leader. Let us all start shifting our energy to achieving the state of leadership. There is an invaluable feeling of fulfillment that happens to beings who achieve leader consciousness.

The more words you use the more confused you are.

IMAGINE for a moment that the first half of this column is empty.

Imagine that the tape you are listening to is silent and has no content for just two minutes.

What happens?

Your mind races. Thoughts flood you.

What has happened, you wonder, what has gone wrong? Why are there no words? Nothing has gone wrong, nothing at all. Your mind cannot tolerate silence; that is all. Thoughts and words are a call of your consciousness telling you that your centre is unfilled.

There are two kinds of people.

One kind is the people who follow words and seek meaning behind the words.

Another kind is those people who ignore the meaning and seek the source of thoughts.

The first kind is the Commissar and the second kind is the Yogi.

Seeking words and thoughts cannot fulfill you. When you seek words you move into the outer world. You move into the space of sense objects, which results in pain or pleasure. However, many times you may experience the physical or sensual pleasure led by your thoughts, you still keep seeking the same pleasure. What one calls karma, is really the effect of these unfulfilled desires.

The meaning of thoughts and words is not to provoke movement towards these external experiences that can never be fulfilled but to move toward the centre, the core of your being. Only there will you find the comfort in silence. Words soothe your superficial mind the same way as scratching an itch seems to provide some comfort. In actual fact it makes the problem worse.

It is the same with words. The more words you use the more confused you are. Be careful of all those scholars and philosophers who use highly complex language and words to propound their theories. They themselves do not understand what they are saying, so they are forced to confuse others by using complexity as a tool. Whenever you ask questions, more questions arise. This is seen as the measure of intelligence in our system of education.

When one really understands, one realizes two things.

Firstly, one realizes that questions and answers do not lead to any understanding at all.

Secondly, one realizes that understanding happens when thoughts cease.

Truth resides in silence.

Truth resides in contemplation.

As you move inwards towards the source of words and thoughts, mind becomes still in simplicity. This stillness, this silence leads to fulfillment.

Your body is an integrated intelligence!

When was the last time you sang with your eyes? Danced with your smile? Throw your whole body and being into anything, just anything?

If you notice children, their whole body is one organic unity. Whatever they are doing, their whole body just flows into that action. They don’t create separation in the body. It is not as if the head is important and the feet are unimportant. The truth is that there is no division in your body, no natural demarcations exist. But by and by demarcations start coming up. Then the head becomes the master, and the whole body is divided into parts. We stop experiencing our body as a whole. We create roles for each part of our body, and then limit them in these roles. We forget to be total in anything. In the martial arts tradition, students are told, Your whole body should become an eye! Just imagine! This is the kind of sensitivity that needs to be developed in the body! This is what is being total. Totality is the way to live. Your mind is always limiting you. Drop your mind and be total in whatever you do. Then there will be no hangover in anything. Everything will become a joyful meditation. You will experience fulfillment in whatever you do. When you miss the totality, you become fragmented. When you are total, you become integrated. Being integrated is your true nature.

Whatever you are doing, it naturally becomes your meditation for that moment. When you are looking at something, look with your whole body. Understand, you don’t just see with the eyes. You can see with your whole body! When you are looking at something intensely, totally, your whole being flows towards that. But we rarely enter into anything totally. Now, be total and integrated in all your body movements. When you are listening, listen with your whole body. Let a deep silence be created in your center. Let your listening happen from that center. When you are laughing, feel the laughter rising from deep inside you. Let your whole body bubble with laughter! Even when you are working, using only your hands, feel the movement in your whole body. Experience your body as an integrated whole. Experience every pore of your skin looking, listening, laughing. Don’t think, how can I see with my skin? There are many interesting incidents where blind people have taught their fingers to ‘see’ colors!

You don’t realize, your body is an integrated intelligence! You never use all the possibilities of your body. When you are total, a new sensitivity flowers in your body. Your body responds as a whole to life. You begin to live completely with your body. Not only that, you will find your body expressing abilities that you never imagined. Your body has a tremendous potential that you have never used. When you fulfill all the possibilities of your body, naturally you become ready to go beyond the body.

Complete with your patterns

Your fear knows how to manifest itself as reality. Your fear will attract exactly the same thing which you are afraid of. If you are constantly having the fear that you may get cancer, you will attract and manifest exactly the same thing. Understand, you can never get out of your fears or your patterns. You can only unclutch from them.

Just pick up 10 major patterns which drives you. For example – pattern of getting irritated the moment I see my spouse, pattern of creating confusion and dilemma in me…pick up any 10 patterns. This one month – from this Poornima (full moon) to next – decide to concentrate on these ten patterns and unclutch from them. Keep this 10 patterns in your book in your bedroom and practice. You will master them. Then next month, take up the next set of ten patterns.

Instead of fighting wildly, violently, take on ten patterns. If you try to unclutch from all patterns at once, you will surely fail. And if you fail two or three times, then the failing becomes accepted, acknowledged, approved lifestyle. This is one of the worst thing that can happen to a seeker. That is why I am saying, just pick up ten patterns, break them in one month. Suddenly you will see oh God! What a beautiful way it has happened! Just one move corrected liberates you so easily. Understand, even if you break ten patterns, you will be out of this suffering, this ignorance, this nonsense.

Mahadeva / Completion

Which burns all the dead past which is sitting as a weight over the present, but never as a power for the present, and creates a space for the present to become presence and expand, be alive.

When you dream, Life does not make fun of you

Life yearns for you to become reality.

When you dream, life dreams through you.

The moment you start dreaming, life starts building its dreams about you. Dreams of life for you are hundred times more stronger and powerful than anything you can dream for yourself.

The dreams Life can dream for you is thousand times more powerful than the dreams you can create for yourself. But when you start dreaming for yourself, Life’s dream for you starts opening itself through you. You might have tried and started dreaming to become an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly), but Life will dream and make you the Chief Minister! I am giving you an example. You might have started dreaming for a million dollars, but Life will dream to make you a billionaire! Understand, Life’s dreams for you are always larger than your dreams for yourself!

So, I tell you, when you dream, Life does not make fun of you. Only when you don’t take responsibility for your dreams, you make fun of yourself and collapse! Life never makes fun of you. You make fun of you when you don’t take responsibility for it. When you don’t take responsibility, life collapses you.


One word is enough !

Once a small town was visited by a saint. As he passed by a small hut, a woman came to him and begged him to pray for her critically-ill child. Since the saint was new to the town, a crowd gathered around him and see if he could do anything. 

The woman brought the sick child to him and he said the prayer over her.

‘Do you really think your prayer will help her when medicine has failed?’, yelled a man from the crowd. From the crowd one guy shouted, ‘Will your prayer work when medicine has failed?’

‘You idiot, you don’t know what I am doing! and just shut up’, said the saint to the man.

The man became furious with these words with his face grew hot and red. He was about to say something or perhaps hit the saint.

The saint walked towards him and said, ‘If one word has such power to make you so angry and hot, may not another word have a power to heal?’

When one word can make you mad, another word can make you heal!

Please understand, single word can break relationship of ten or twenty years. Single word can make the relationship which was not there for ten or twenty years. Single word can break the relationship of ten or twenty years. Single word can make the relationship which was not there for ten or twenty years.

Even when you decide in your feeling that you are going to take the responsibility for the words you uttered, for the words you are uttering, the Power of Words expresses through you.