Offering service out of your being with overflowing gratitude will lead you to enlightenment

Be very clear, if you want to really serve society, the first thing you need is intensity in your purpose. I have seen many people doing something in the name of social service, just because they can’t sit with themselves. Be very clear, if you are not able to sit with yourself and do social service like going to some temple, going to some social service organization or doing some such service, you will never be able to experience the truth. Going to the temple or doing some social service should be like overflowing. You feel so full, you feel there is nothing more to be done and think, ‘I have so much of time, let me do some service to society, it is beautiful.’ Then it will lead you to enlightenment. The service itself can lead you to spiritual experience.

You feel overflowing and think, ‘God has given me so much, this whole life is so beautiful,’ and you go to a temple or church to offer your gratitude. Then it will just liberate you and you will become enlightened. If you are going to the temple or for social service just because you don’t feel relaxed within yourself, you can’t sit quietly. There is so much of restlessness within you that you just want to do catharsis in some way. People with this type of attitude, even if they go to temples, will be sitting there and shouting at everybody, ‘Don’t do this. Don’t do that. What are you doing? Don’t you know god wants this?’ They will start representing god! Not even representing, they will even start acting god. This type of persons, even if they do some service will be only putting their ego in front. They will only be torturing others. They will not be serving others. Continue reading →

Power of intensity in the life of enlightened master, Ramana Maharshi

There is a beautiful example of the power of intensity in the life of enlightened master, Ramana Maharshi. When he was sixteen, spontaneously this happened to him. He was in Madurai near his native place called Thiruchuzhi, which is in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Suddenly one day he started feeling that he was going to die. The great death fear arose in him. We also sometimes feel that fear of death when we hear about some relative’s or friend’s death or when we see an accident or when we come across some news about death. We are so well-versed or trained to suppress our emotions and control ourselves that we never allow this fear to come out. We are such hypocrites that we don’t even know we are cheating ourselves! Many times we can see the fear rise but we are an automatic mechanism of suppression. Over time we learn how to balance ourselves or suppress ourselves. We suppress ourselves and just forget about it or try to do something. We just turn the attention elsewhere. But Ramana Maharshi did not do anything. He used the door to take the jump. Continue reading →

What resulted in Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji’s first spiritual experience

The Upanishads, the ancient vedic texts by the sages and mystics that happened as revelations, say that for the person who is initiated, the whole world is heaven.

Understand the word ‘initiation’. It does not mean doing some ceremony or ritual. Initiation means that ‘click’ happening in you. When a master expresses the truth, if the click, the realization, happens in you and if you suddenly feel, ‘O god! What he says is right. I was always thinking exactly this. He put it in the right way,’ that is what initiation is. If you feel whatever I am speaking is what you always thought about but I am verbalizing it and properly putting it in words, the initiation has happened.

Please understand, only after all the preparation is done and only when you are in the state of high intensity, the truth uttered by the master just clicks. When the master says there is no need for any seeking any more and just liberate yourself right now, you will be able to do so only if you have done enough of seeking and created the intensity. That is the paradox! Continue reading →

If you are not able to see the Divine, be very clear, your intensity is not yet complete

If you really want to experience life, if you really want to know the ultimate mystery of Existence, if you want to dive into the ocean of bliss, then the way into it is intensity.

Be intense in whatever you do. Let you dissolve in it. Do not be partial. Be integrated in yourself.

If you dance, dance so totally that you become the dance. There will be no dancer remaining then, only the dance remains. If you paint, paint so intensely that the painter disappears in the painting and see how that piece of art becomes so exquisite. When the ego dissolves, the false sense of identity disappears and you can see the flow of the intelligent and total energy of Existence through you. Continue reading →

Swamiji, have you been enlightened by the divine grace or by your effort or by your quest?

Question is a word. Quest is a feeling.

Man is born as a quest. The rest of Existence cannot reflect the Divine like man can. Man is like a mirror. He has the choice to face and reflect the Divine or to turn away. Man can make a conscious choice, which is why he can grow. Man can choose to realize the Divine through his human form. No other being in Existence has this choice.

If these words, ‘How do I get enlightened? I want to… real bad and urgently,’ have come out, if this question has come out as a deep quest, then you don’t need anything. Just boil, let the whole being burn with this quest. That is enough. Nothing else needs to be done. Let this boiling be intense. Allow this boiling. Allow this burning. Allow this intensity. Allow this urgency. Let the urge become urgent. Let the question become your quest. Let it just eat your ego, eat your inner space.

People ask me, ‘Have you been enlightened by the divine grace or by your effort or by your quest?’ Continue reading →

When you try to change the events and world outside, you are trying to change the scene by jumping in front of the screen

In all the states, one factor is common, the one who goes through these states or the seer. If you look little deeper, you can see that in all these three states of waking, dream and deep sleep, we are trying to change reality as it exists. We are trying to change the scene happening every moment in our lives. It may look childish to think that you can change the scene on the movie screen by jumping in front of it.

Just look little deeper into your own lives. In your life also you are under the illusion that you are in control of your life. Life is actually a movie, moving in these three states. You, the seer, are the projector. Whether you believe it or not, accept it or not, you create your reality. When you try to change the events and world outside, you are trying to change the scene by jumping in front of the screen. To change the scene, you need to change the film being projected on the screen. When you realize the futility of all the three states and the futility of trying to change the scene in all these three states the whole attention will fall on the seer. Then the awakening will happen. If instead you think that there is some utility in all these three states, your attention will be on them. You will continue to be engaged in them. You will continue to try to alter the scene. Continue reading →

Intensity has the power to penetrate your states of unconsciousness including deep sleep

During a nightmare, a very wild dream, just one thought or one click such as, ‘Hey, this is a dream’ is enough. You will be awakened. You will be out of the dream. In the same way, if you are intense in this dream you are living, called the waking world, then one click is enough and you will be out of the dream! If you think, ‘No, I need some more technique,’ then you are not really going through a nightmare or an intense dream. You are just having some casual flow of thoughts.

Sometimes in the dream state you will be seeing without any clarity. There will be some casual black and white shows which will be going on. You will neither feel like watching it nor feel like coming out of it. If you are in those kinds of dreams, then you are just wasting your time. If you are not really intense, you are in these kinds of dreams. Neither will you go down nor will you go up. Please do not be in that state.

Understand, if you are in such an intermediate state, then this click will not happen. It will not be a sharp, strong shift. Just like you can get up from your sleep by just an intense desire to wake up at a particular time, you can also get up from the deep slumber you have been for so many millions of lives. If you have an intense total desire to wake up, you can wake up this moment. Continue reading →

An intense seeker will carry the identity about himself throughout all three states – dream, deep sleep and waking.

There are four states of consciousness.

When you have ‘I’ Consciousness and thoughts, you are in the waking state, the state in which you are right now. In this state, ‘I’ has more frequency than your thoughts. So you can control your thoughts.

When you are without ‘I’ consciousness but having thoughts, you are in the dream state. In the dream state, your thoughts are at a higher frequency than your ‘I’ consciousness. That is why you have thoughts in your dreams but you are not able to control them.

When you are without ‘I’ Consciousness and not having any thoughts, you are in the deep sleep state. Normally, we are aware of only these three states of waking, dream and deep sleep.

The fourth state is where you have I consciousness but no thoughts or turiya.

Intensity means being intense every moment in whatever you do. So first you need to be aware of yourself in all the states. Then only you can be intense throughout.

Now you experience who you are with awareness only during the waking state. You feel, ‘I am a doctor,’ ‘I am a lawyer,’ ‘I am an engineer’ and so on. Only if we are aware of the identities that we carry and enjoy in all the three states, we have caught the thread, the center line of all the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep. When we catch the thread of all these three states, suddenly we realize our identity in all the three states. Continue reading →

Your intensity is the only thing that decides when your object of seeking will happen

Tantra, the mystical science of meditation techniques, says that to know the truth one needs only one condition, intensity. Be total in what you are, what you do. Live intensely in the moment and taste the real life. Otherwise, you are not living. You are just waiting for death.

When you eat, intensely eat. Let your whole attention and energy be on the food. Do not divert your attention and thoughts to what you need to get done at work tomorrow or where you want to go for your next vacation. Enjoy the food with all your senses. Taste the food in your mouth, enjoy the feast in front of your eyes, touch the food with love, and smell the aroma of the food. When you eat this way totally, you will enjoy every morsel and you will actually feed into your system the living energy the food is meant to give. If you are drinking water, drink it intensely. Become the thirst. Feel the coolness of the water going into your mouth, throat and down your food pipe. Let each drop of water that goes into your mouth give you the feeling of fulfillment. Continue reading →

What qualifies to be called as intensity? What is the difference between intensity and interest?

An interest can be lost, but never the intensity. Interest comes from the mind. Intensity comes from the being. After a while, maybe short or long, you get fed up with your own interest. With intensity, it is a thirst of your being. It transcends the rationale of your logic. Intensity is a call from deep within. The more you have to wait for it, the more the thirst grows, the more the fire flares up.

See the difference between light and laser. Both are made up of the same light rays but the single-pointed intense focus of the laser comes from the coherence and the common frequency of the light rays. The power of this intensity is what gives the laser the tremendous power to even burn a hole through metal. At the same time it is a controlled focus. This is what gives it the power to do even a delicate task like removing a cataract in the eye.

When your thirst for realization becomes that intense, you are ready to pay with your life for the Truth.

A beautiful story from the life of the enlightened master Bayazid:

Bayazid had been with his master for twelve years but the master had not spoken a single word to him.

One day after twelve long years, the master spoke to Bayazid , ‘Go to the hall. There is a book there. Bring me the book.’ Bayazid had been passing through that hall for twelve years every single day while coming to see the master. He replied, ‘I have never seen the book. In fact, I have never looked in the hall. I was interested only in you, not in anything else. But, if you say I will go.’ Continue reading →

If you can do what you are doing with a totality and intensity that you are completely lost in the action, you have caught the thread of intensity!

There are two ways of living.

One is living like a buffalo, just being alive and breathing but with no intensity and passion in life.

The other way is like a Buddha, living intensely in the present moment in the current action.

Have you experienced a nightmare? During a nightmare you will experience that even if you want to open your eyes you cannot. You want to move your hands but you cannot. Then the nightmare becomes so intense. It may be that a lion is chasing you and has almost caught you or you are falling down a deep chasm or you are in some such life-threatening situation in your dream. When it comes to its maximum intensity, the very intensity wakes you up. If the nightmare is not that intense, you cannot wake yourself up and come out of it. If it is very intense then that very intensity wakes you up, and suddenly there is no nightmare. It was only a dream, but you thought that it was reality.

The moment you are lost in the action, you become like a flute on the lips of Existence itself. Continue reading →

When you live intensely, automatically you will be liberated. If you don’t live any moment intensely, what happens?

You cannot feel fulfilled by offering sense pleasures to the senses. Living intensely does not mean fulfilling your senses, pouring pleasures into your senses, or living as you wanted.

Somebody asked me, ‘Since bondage and liberation is relative, why not just eat, drink and be merry?’

That is perfectly all right. Be intense. That’s all.

Eat intensely. When you are eating, only eat.

When you are sleeping, just sleep.

When you are drinking, only drink.

When you are making merry, just be merry.

Master’s words should be understood completely, with intensity and clarity, not superficially.

If you can be merry, you don’t need anything else. The whole problem is because you can’t really be merry. That is why you need so much of teachings and ideas about liberation. See, that’s why here you think, ‘Why not just eat, drink and be merry?’ You think it’s very easy.

No! Continue reading →