Anything if it does not bring powerlessness to you, it will not bring Karma.  It can be as complicated as going for a war, or as simple as chewing a pan, listen, as complicated as killing millions in the war, or as simple as chewing a pan. It can be anything, but it will not bring Karma to you if it does not bring powerlessness to you.  

Creation of Cosmos (Jagat Janana)

When “I” becomes “We” by the incompletions added it is hell. When “I” becomes “We” out of joy and the space of creation it becomes Brahman becoming Prakriti. 

When the “I” becomes  “We” because of incompletions added it is hell. Most of you, why you took birth, the “I” became  “We” because of incompletions added.  Your experience of “I”, the pure “I” started experiencing  “We” means as multiple.

In the original state whether you or God feels the pure “I”.  Without “you” or “they” or “we”. It’s a pure “I”.  The “I” becomes “we” when the incompletion is added to it.  Listen. When you have an incompletion to be fulfilled, that becomes the reason for making you feel you are multiple, something else other than you also exists. When the “I” becomes “we” because of the incompletions inserted, it is hell!  So, in every step, the incompletion goes on, goes on, goes on adding more and more incompletion.

“I”, when it experiences itself as “we” due to the pure Completion and creation, that is what is called the “Jagat Janana”.  The pure substance of the Existence, Shiva, out of creativity, joy, powerfulness, completion, becomes Devi and starts celebrating his own existence.  

When the “I” becomes “we” out of incompletions added into it, it becomes the Karmic life.  When the “I” becomes “we” out of pure Completion and the creativity, it becomes Avataric life.  Whether your life is a karmic life or avataric life, you diagnose, you decide.  And you can change from Karmic life to avataric life.  You CAN change it from karmic life to avataric life!  So understand start moving from pure Completion.  Move yourself to more and more and more Completion.    

When the “I” becomes “we” out of Completion, when the “we” merges into the “I” out of Completion, you are an incarnation!  Yoga will make “I” becoming “we” out of Completion.  Completion will make “we” becoming “I” out of Completion.  Morning Yoga, you will see the “I” becomes “we” out of pure Completion.  Night Completion, you will see the “we” becomes “I” out of pure Completion.  Out of pure Completion when “I” becomes “we”, and “we” becomes “I”, your life is the life of an incarnation, Jeevan Muktha.  

Don’t try to stop the current of Ganga using a stick !

The non-dualistic space – please listen – whatever is happening in and around you, whether it makes you feel powerful or makes you feel powerless, know for sure it is you not just responsible! Please understand, responsibility is one of the strategizing out of non-dualism. Responsibility leads to living enlightenment. Here I am explaining one more very deep, important truth. Please understand, immediately whatever you experience in and around you, whether it makes you powerful or makes you powerless, it all boils down finally to the play of your own different trends and currents.

Please understand, you have multiple thought-currents, but, fortunately, only one thought-trend. That is why liberation is possible. Please listen! You may have ten-million enemies; but only one can attack you at a time. This is the exact meaning of the word when I say you may have many currents, but you can have only one trend. When I say “current”, I mean the “thought-current you have. The underlying, underneath thought-current of you can be multiple. One of your thought-currents can be you will be constantly making efforts to live a care-free life. Another thought-current can be constantly thinking to have more and more responsibility, power under your control. So, be very clear, there may be one thought-current continuously working for vacation life; and there can be one thought-current continuously thinking for working for more and more wealth. There can be tons and tons of thought-currents. One side you can have the thought-current, ‘I cannot tolerate this woman anymore! If this is the way she is going to torture me, better I throw her away from my life!’ The other thought-current, ‘No, no, no….she stood by me in so many difficult situations. He stood by me in so many difficult times. I should not think like this. I should be thinking to make her or him as part of my life!’ You can have any number of thought-currents, but you will have only one thought-trend.

Please listen! Thought-trend means, the every-day life how you are running, the every-day decisions how you are taking. Please listen, if you understand this one truth, living enlightenment will become very easy. Whatever may be your thought-current – today morning you may be feeling very fresh, alive, nice, you slept well – whatever may be your thought-current – no peace, whether you had a beautiful sleep, good sleep, or a nightmare, disturbed sleep, all these things are thought-currents, all that is thought-current. Please understand, all that is thought-current.

Please listen! But, but your thought-trend can be completely kept out of the impact of thought-currents. Listen! The good news is, your thought-trend can be completely kept out of your different thought currents. The best news is, the thought-trend can be completely kept out of the thought-current, because, both of them never get joined. Listen! The good news is, your thought-trend can be kept out of your thought-current. The best news is, they are never joined together! That is why various thought-currents can influence your thought-trend in various ways. Today you can feel depressed; tomorrow you can feel joyful. Today you can feel bound; tomorrow you can feel liberated. Liberation itself is possible because your thought-current cannot influence your thought-trend. It influences if you allow; but, by the very intrinsic nature, the thought-current has no power over the thought-trend.

“Thought-current” is the undercurrent of the Ganga. “Thought-trend” is the floating, the space of Ganga. For example, if some objects are floating on the Ganga, boats, or some flowers, something put on the Ganga, whatever is floating is “thought-trend”, and whatever is undercurrent is “thought-current”. In your every-day decisions how you decide to respond to the world, how you decide to respond to you, your every-day cognition about you and others – listen – that is “thought-trend”. And the undercurrent which goes on in you, which you believe is not in your control, is “thought-current”. But, you need to know, anything which is not in your control, you don’t need to control, because you cannot control!

Please listen! If god has not given something in your control, he doesn’t expect you to control it! So, don’t feel powerless if something is not in your control. And, if something is in your control, take responsibility for it. If something is not in your control, be free from that responsibility. But, unfortunately, whenever something is not in our control, we feel powerless; whenever something is in our control, we feel it is our responsibility. See the funny way the mind behaves, life behaves! If something is not in our control, we feel powerless because of that. If something is in our control, we feel, ‘Oh, so much of responsibility!’ Again powerlessness because of that! If you decide to be powerless, whether you have or don’t have, you will fall into powerlessness! When you decide to be powerful, whether you have or don’t have, you will be powerful!

Your thought-current can be however good or bad. It can be the thought-current of a great being like Buddha, Shankara, Krishna, or it can be thought-current of the worst terrorist. It can be anything. Listen! You may have the worst thought-current or the best thought-current. Your thought-current is immaterial. Your thought-trend only needs to be attended to. As on now, you have power over only your thought-trend. My only request is, go on aligning your thought-trend, and don’t be powerless about your inability to control your thought-current. See, when you are not able to control something, feel liberated from that responsibility. Are you sitting and worrying that you are not able to move the Sun as you want, the moon as you want, Mars as you want, Saturn as you want? You are not sitting and worrying about this. You only feel free from that responsibility. Same way, when your thought-current is not under your control, when you are not able to control it, feel liberated from that responsibility.

How much you assume your power, that much only responsibility is also given to you. Now you assume you are powerful enough only to align your thought-trend; that much responsibility only you have, don’t worry! We are not going to expect a kid to do something which he cannot do. We are not going to expect a kid to do, ‘Oh, let him do this, this, this, this, this, and make his living.’ No! We are not going to expect a kid to do all that. Be very clear, life is not going to expect too much from you. But, unfortunately, the kid starts worrying. When the kid sees his father going to the office and working the whole day, night coming back and getting the food, he starts worrying, ‘Oh, god, I also have to do like this from day-after-tomorrow!’ No! First of all, you don’t need to do from day-after-tomorrow. Second, when you are expected to do, you will have all the powers better than your father.

Don’t imagine and create powerlessness because of imaginary responsibility. The powerlessness which happens in you due to imaginary responsibilities takes away the power to perform even the real responsibilities you have! I have seen many of my own sannyasis, they will have so much of imagination and the imaginary powerlessness due to the imaginary responsibilities. ‘Oh god, if I run this one ashram, then Swamiji will ask me to run twenty more ashrams! Then Swamiji will ask me to run twenty-five more ashrams! Then Swamiji will ask me to run all the ashrams in the whole country! How will I do all this?’ Making you powerless by the imaginary responsibilities, today’s responsibilities also you won’t do!

I have seen….I have seen people getting tired just by imaginary responsibilities. Understand, you don’t have to have imaginary responsibilities, and you don’t need to feel powerless by trying to control the thought-current. Thought-current need not be controlled. Thought-trend only needs to be controlled. Master is a person who has mastered the thought-trend, understand? I was also believing very foolishly in the young age that I have to control the whole thought-current to become a Master, which is not required. Just control the thought-trend. When you are powerful keeping the thought-trend under your control, in a few days you will see the thought-current is also already under your control!

Please understand, all the struggles all of you are having – I can name everyone of you, each one of you who are listening to what I am saying now – please listen, all your struggle, powerlessness, feeling bound, everything is because you are struggling with your thought-current. When you are supposed to do just the Monday Vrata, Monday Fasting, Somavara vrata, by the evening of Monday you think, ‘Even this one day I am not able to do. When am I going to become Nirahari?’ No! Becoming Nirahari is controlling the whole thought-current. Don’t worry about that now. Just be powerful with the thought-trend. Just be powerful with the Monday one day fasting. Master just that thought-trend. I am giving you one example. In every level I can give you.

Your every-day activity, make yourself powerful in that! You don’t need to struggle, you don’t need to be powerless with your thought-current. Please understand, mastering – listen – mastering, feeling powerful with your thought-trend is enough. Just try that again and again and again. Whenever there is a fight, struggling, suffering, powerlessness inside you, it is always because you are fighting foolishly with thought-current.

Understand, it is like you have a boat; you are floating on the Ganga. You have a stick (paddle) with which you row the boat. But, unfortunately, using that stick you are trying to stop the current of the Ganga! Is it possible? Just row your boat and be powerful, save yourself! Don’t try to control the current of Ganga by using the stick (paddle) with which you can row your boat. Don’t try to control the whole thought-current of you by your simple logic and will that you are carrying. Use that to only feel powerful over the thought-trend.

Collective Karma

There is something called “Collective Karma” – with whom you associate yourself! Please listen, the whole of London is suffering, the whole of UK is suffering with so much of ghosts! Every thirteenth house is haunted! If you want to know the root thought-pattern of a country, read the yellow journals and watch the dirty shows of that country; you will know the root thought-pattern of that country! If you want to know the root-pattern with which Tamil Nadu is suffering, read that yellow journal, Nakkeeran, and see Sun TV; you will know what is the root-pattern with which the whole State is suffering! Same way, the root-pattern with which America is suffering if you want to know, see the Jerry Springer Show; you will know the root-pattern with which the whole country is suffering!

The whole of London, if you see their yellow journals, the worst rated shows, it will always be about being haunted and ghosts. These black-magicians and ghost-drivers have a big success in UK. I tell you, how many ever people you will import, UK will have to suffer this at least for the next five-hundred years because of the number of Brahmins they killed in India, the Vedic Pundits they killed in India! Understand, if you kill a Brahmin who is really, really chanting Veda mantras and living the great principles, he becomes a Brahmarakshas, I can tell you! No….really! This is the only country I got Visa so many times, but I never put my foot in that country! Just one week before my travel, all these brahmarakshas will appear in front of me and bow down and pray, ‘Please don’t put your foot there, Swamiji. Where will we go? If you come, all of us have to vacate! How can you drive us from here also?’ So many brahmarakshas! I tell you, never ever kill a person who practices the Vedic principles. “Brahmarakshas” means, ghost….ghosts of those people who were killed! The whole country is suffering!

Your boss is nothing but one part of you, which always wants to rule without explaining!

Thought-trend is how you consciously choose to align a few thoughts as part of you. That is “thought-trend”.

Thought-current” is, which is the default thinking style of your personality, your being, your inner-space.

For example, the day I went to do Ganga Arati, those few days we celebrate the “Colours of Life” in Hindu Tradition by throwing colour powder. So, I saw, people were throwing colour even on Ganga Ma! They were throwing colours on Ganga and celebrating. See, when you throw the colour powder on Ganga, naturally the colour powder will float on the top of the Ganga, and in a few days it will disappear into the Ganga. So, imagine the colour powder floating on the Ganga; that is what I call “thought-trend”. And the flow of the Ganga is “thought-current”.

Every day, how you perceive you, with what all you are directly struggling, that is “thought-trend”.

And your whole life’s thinking flow, what you perceive as you in your dreams, in your deep sleep, all that I will call as “thought-current”.

My only request: just co-ordinate your thought-trend; that is enough! You don’t need to worry about your thought-current. Thought-trend” means, every day in your thought-trend, thinking trend, based on which you make your day-to-day decisions like, ‘Should I drive my car and go to office, or should I go by bus? Should I get up and brush my teeth, or should I just have a cup of coffee and lie down? Should I take up a job or not?’ How every day decisions you make, that you make naturally based on thought-trend, not on thought-current.

Understand, based on thought-current you make bigger, stupid decisions like marrying, divorcing, committing suicide; those kind of stupid decisions only you make based on thought-current. But these small decisions like, ‘Should I drive my car, or should I go by bus? Am I feeling sleepy, or am I feeling fresh?’, these things you do based on thought-trend. Please listen, don’t worry at all about thought-current. Just decide you will align your thought-trend. Means, every morning when you get up, tell yourself, ‘I cannot have tiredness or boredom. I am the eternal, excited, Satchitananda Swaroopa, Nithyanandoham!’ Naturally, your inner-space will raise a doubt, because you are all brainwashed by psychologists: ‘No, no, no….unless the truth becomes my experience, how can I start living it?’

The SDHD (Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial), one of the biggest diseases with which human-beings are suffering, is supplied, controlled by psychologists. Please understand, the collective karma the profession is suffering is because of constantly keeping people in SDHD, Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial. The collective joy that sannyasis are enjoying is because we go on giving courage and confidence! I tell you, even the beggar Sannyasi who does not contribute anything, just because he wears this cloth (“kaavi” – the saffron-coloured cloth), he gets food and money. Even a foolish psychiatrist who does not know much of psychology, just because of his profession, he commits suicide.

Listen! Don’t believe the idea these psychologists put in your system that only if you transform your thought-current you can be complete, you can rest in peace. No! Just organize your thought-trend; that is enough! From morning waking up to night falling asleep, your every day, if you align it to Advaitha, that is enough. Morning when you wake up if you feel bored or tired, just tell yourself, ‘I am the eternal space, Nithyananda! I cannot be tired! I cannot be bored!’ One part of you continues to tell you, ‘No, no…..I am tired! I am bored!’ Don’t worry about it. It is okay. You be democratic. Tell it, ‘You be tired for some time. I will be fresh for some time.’ Don’t give up, saying, ‘Oh, God! Unless I transform the whole thought-current, I cannot be Advaithi.’ No! Start with the thought-trend; then, every action, small-small actions.

In India we have this bunch of Maoists, Naxals, terrorist fellows, with weapons. One bunch is with weapons. There is another one bunch with ideology. In Tamil Nadu, there is the bunch of atheist fellows. These atheist fellows are robbers of society. They rob society. How many thousands of crores they swindled by different means – through cinemas, through media, through the entertainment industry, through politics! But they go on abusing: ‘Why should you give these few coins to sadhus….sadhus and priests?’ Please understand….understand some of the important ideas I am trying to share with you. Those few sadhus and priests, they may not have transformed their thought-current into Advaitha, but their every-day thought-trend is mixed with so much of Advaitha! So, please understand, they are a thousand times better than any of your psychologists. These sadhus and priests, they are thousand times better than any of your psychtherapists! The priests and sadhus at least help you to align your thought-trend to non-dualism.

You don’t need to bother about the whole thought-current. The thought-trend being aligned towards Advaitha is enough, because as life you are experiencing only thought-trend. Actually, when you align your thought-trend, the thought-current also will become non-dualistic. But we always think that only after thought-current becomes non-dualistic, the thought-trend should become non-dualistic. No! Start with the thought-trend. Then your thought-current will automatically become non-dualistic. Start tuning your thought-trend to non-dualistic.

Handle your every-day actions, simple actions like what kind of food you eat, how many hours you sleep, what is your simple perception about your neighbours, what is your simple perception about your boss, what is your simple perception about your spouse, these day-to-day things, align it to Advaitha. Know very clearly, your boss is nothing but one part of you which always wants to rule without explaining! Again your spouse….is also one part of you who goes on explaining which you don’t want to listen! Whether you realize it or not, everyone who is part of your life is extension of you. I may not even want to use the word “extension”. I want to correct that word to,“Everyone who is part of your life is YOU!’ Because, the word “extension” gives a certain gap. Everyone who is part of your life is YOU!

Kundalini awakening, Yoga, meditation, Kriya, everything is great as long as it leads you to experience the non-dualistic truth, Advaitha Sathya, Advaitha Poorna, Advaitha Jnana. So, I wanted our whole Sangha – please listen – the whole Sangha, whether you are a Thanedar, Mahant, or Kothari, Shrimahant, whoever you are, align all your relationships with everyone to Advaitha. If there is a problem that the other person is not listening to you, first see you are not able to speak into your listening; that is why you are not able to speak into others’ listening. See where you are not able to speak into your listening. Do that!

My dream Sangha is: Never anybody will force the other person for anything; where everyone is able to speak into his own listening and others’ listening. Understand, in every step of your life, infuse Shuddha Advaitha Sathya, the pure Advaithic principles, pure Advaithic knowledge, pure Advaitha. Make it as thought-trend. Make it as thought-trend.

Please understand, if I have to put it in the language of psychologists…..I don’t want to put! These fellows have cheated the whole Planet Earth, abusing the whole Planet Earth. If all the psychologists and their books, if all of them got burnt, the Planet Earth will be free from so much of dirt! In the name of Psychology, they put so much of wrong beliefs into the system. They made our childhood as a disease! If a kid is remote, in those days we used to call it as, ‘Okay….he is spending a little time with himself.’ Now they call it as “ADHD” (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)! If a man is spending a little time with himself, we used to call it as, ‘It is okay….he is contemplating.’ Now they call it as “Depression”! These fellows have completely made the whole life as a disease!

I have a few lines: ‘Psychologists say: If a person laughs too much even at stupid things, he is lonely deep inside. If a person sleeps a lot, he is sad. If a person speaks less, but speaks fast, he keeps secrets. If someone cannot cry, he is weak. If someone eats in an abnormal manner, he is tense. If someone cries on little things, he is innocent and soft-hearted. If someone gets angry for petty things, he needs love.” These are all psychology tips to understand people. If you believe all this, you are a foolish psychologist who is going to commit suicide very soon! This is MY statement! These psychologists and psychoanalysts and psychiatrists, this field….there are various sub-branches I think…..these fellows should know that this is the profession in the world in which the largest number of people commit suicide, because their crime is so much!

But many psychologists are poor, unfortunate fellows, they themselves are victims; they start believing it. Whether you believe knowingly or unknowingly, this is the largest number of people in any profession who commit suicide! So, the profession of suicide on Planet Earth is Psychiatrists, Psychoanalysts, and Psychologists!

Please understand, the psychologists and psychiatrists will continue to suffer because of the amount of SDHD (Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial) they spread among humanity. Thousands of doubts that people are having, unable to live the truths of Advaitha, is because of these so-called stupid psychologists. Only one good thing that happened now is, the psychologists themselves are getting disillusioned and slowly moving towards the principles of truth of non-duality. One good thing: this social media has done a very powerful job of democratic media. The media was actually never democratic. Earlier the people were controlling through geography: ‘This is my territory! This is my territory!’ When these fellows understood they can’t control by territory, they moved to Information. Now this social media has broken that also. I am so happy! It is this social media which is educating the mass about the stupid things we are being taught in the name of psychology. One good thing, thanks to Einstein, Physics is moving towards the pure non-dualistic truth. But still these psychologist fellows are not completely moving. But the social media is nicely punching holes in their argument.

Giving up on is nothing but arrogance !

Cognizing your life and decisions based on just these few truths, these few facts, is what I call “Space of Advaitha”. Everything is you. Whether you call everything is a joy addition to you, whether you call everything is a problem added to you, whether you feel everything is lead in your life to further you, or a load to your life to stop you from furthering – listen – whether you feel everything which comes around you, the people, things, situations, everything is a lead happening in your life to further you, expand you, make you successful, or you feel everything coming around your life is a load happening, both are Advaitha! Understand, whether you feel life is a lead or a load, Advaitha is a fact! If you understand everything is you, naturally you will work now in the space of, ‘Then I am responsible. How can I make everything around me as a lead instead of as a load?’

Understand, when you know everything around you is you, you will have tremendous compassion and sympathy and not to give up on people. How will you give up on? You will not even have the arrogance to give up on! Giving up on is nothing but arrogance! That Kalabhairava beats left and right, smashes! Kalabhairava is highly allergic to arrogance. The moment he sees the arrogant people, he starts sneezing. His sneeze is thunder….lightning and thunder! When Kalabhairava sneezes, it is lightning and thunder! Giving up on others is arrogance, please understand.

Everything is you is a Fact !

Either you can keep your inner-space powerful, fulfilled, joyful, or keep yourself in utter poverty, dull, depressed, constantly in conflict, fighting with everyone, finding fault with everyone, accusing everyone: ‘This person is not right! That person is not right! That person is not right!’ It is up to you how you can keep your inner-space.

A Thanedar level person is starting his spiritual journey. If he keeps on accusing, it can be tolerated. If a Kothari keeps on abusing everyone, he should not be tolerated; he should be reminded and trained. If a Mahant keeps on abusing everyone, he should be handed over to Kalabhairava! No….the space you declare for yourself and others…..

I tell you, the space of Advaitha is so powerful – please listen – the space of Advaitha is so powerful, it can solve any problem you carry….and any problem you invent! Human-beings are the greatest problem-inventors! See, everything in our society is invented to invent new-new problems! All our desires, fears, lifestyle, everything, you can see, money, the concept of money, the concept of ownership, everything is invented to invent new-new problems! It is like, when the kids have to be kept occupied, you give them some playthings…. What do you call it? There will be a box with multiple colors…. Rubik’s Cube! I don’t know the name; I didn’t play with all that foolishness! You completely destroy it (the Rubik’s Cube), and then you try to align it! What foolishness! I think in our Gurukul we should ban that. Why do you first of all invent a problem and then try to find a solution? Arrey, come on! We already have multiple problems. Find solutions for that! Putting your energy to invent a problem and then finding a solution for it! Please understand, when you enter into the space of Advaitha, the first thing that will happen is, you will stop inventing problems and you will start continuously solving.

I tell you, Advaitha will bring surety about you. The biggest gift of the space of Advaitha is, all your confusions will disappear, you will be sure about what you want to do, what you are and what you want to do. I tell you, people who honour the space of Advaitha in their life as first priority, when they wake up, they wake up like Eshwara of the Universe, Jagadeeshwara (Lord of the Universe)! When they live, they live like Jagadeeswara! They are not only Jagadeeshwaras, they are Jagat Kaaranas (reason/cause for the Universe)!

Please understand, when you are stuck with some pattern and unable to honour the space of Advaitha, that is what I call “Maya” (illusion). And continuing to honour Advaitha even if you are stuck with some pattern is called “Tapas” (penance). That is tapas! I tell you, “the world” is going to be “the world”. In “my world” if you carry the space of Advaitha and approach “the world”, in “the world” also you will attract exactly people who carry the space of Advaitha towards you.

As I said, Advaitha is neither difficult nor easy. Believing that Advaitha is easy or difficult is a most foolish thing. It is like you sitting here and saying, ‘Ganga flowing in Haridwar is the most difficult thing. See, from here we have to walk twenty minutes! How difficult to get into the Ganga! Twenty minutes I have to walk!’ You can say that way. Or, you can say, ‘Ganga flowing in Haridwar is the most easiest thing. It is just twenty minutes walk!’ Your argument that it is easy or difficult does not make any logical sense, because Ganga flowing in Haridwar is the fact! I tell you, same way, everyone is you is a fact! It is a fact! Everyone is you is a fact! There is no question of debating, arguing whether the space of Advaitha is right or wrong. It is the fact! Understand, whether you achieve that space today, or you achieve that space tomorrow, or you achieve after a few janmas (lifetimes), you HAVE to achieve it! Because, that is the only most sure thing on the Planet Earth! The most sure thing in the Universe is the space of Advaitha! That is why I am telling you, if you start understanding Advaitha, if you understand Advaitha, it will make you more and more sure about you to you. This whole Inner Awakening is nothing but making your inner-space experience the power of Advaitha. And Kalpataru is nothing but giving you the glimpse of Advaitha.

Knowing that whatever you want is already part of you is the Science of Artha, acquiring. Listen! Knowing that whatever you do should be from the space of Advaitha is Dharma. Knowing that whatever you want to acquire is already part of your inner-space is the Science of Artha. Knowing that every person in your life you want to have, every person you want to have in your life is already part of you is Kama, the Science of Kama. And knowing that everything is you is the Science of Moksha. I tell you, Kama does not mean just having lust or sexual desires fulfilled. Even the desire to have a friend, even the desire to have a good brother, even the desire to have a good mother, the desire to have a good relationship with your father, desire to have a good son, good daughter, everything is Kama only! Please understand, having a good mother completes you so much, even if you have a spouse, you will radiate so much of friendliness with him or her. Same way, having a good father completes you so much, even with your wife or husband you will radiate so much of friendliness. Friendliness is the smell of Advaitha!

Understand, I tell you, the space of Advaitha is the source of all the great things in the Planet Earth. The founder of Homoeopathy was a great enlightened being. He was an Advaithi. All the plants, herbs spoke to him and they revealed to him what for they can be used, what disease they can cure, and he recorded. Otherwise it is impossible to record and do R&D (research and development) on so many thousands of herbs and medicines. Same way, all our siddhas, the Ayurveda science! Where were the labs? Where were the R&D methods? It is the power of Advaitha! The plants revealed their glory and their quality and what for they can be used, what diseases they can heal, and the siddhas and rishis they recorded it. Whether it is Indian dance, Indian music, Indian medicine, Indian way of dressing, Indian sex, Indian entertainment, Indian architecture, Indian cooking, Indian way of eating, Indian way of sleeping, everything, I tell you , is from the space of Advaitha. The way we solve conflicts, the way we create law, the way we create rules, the way we create understanding, the way we create organizations, the way we create our religious lifestyle, the way we create our beliefs, the way we create our Sanatana Sangha, everything, everything is based on the space of Advaitha.

Building of the Sangha is for Advaitha, to live Advaitha, to radiate Advaitha, to teach Advaitha. Teaching Advaitha is to live Advaitha. Living Advaitha is to teach Advaitha.

Advaitha in thinking is clarity. If you have an advaithic approach towards yourself, that will make you understand you will become too sure about what you want, understand? Being sure about what you want will remove all powerlessness from your life. It will make you so powerful, it will bring so much success. Not only everything you touch, everything people touch in your name also will become successful! Taking your name, anything people touch will become successful! The space of Advaitha is so powerful, anybody who takes your name and touches any work, they will be successful!

Everything is you. Look into you and repair. I tell you, everything is you. The good news is, by repairing inside, you can repair everything outside. The best news is, when you understand everything is you, you need not even repair it. This “good news”, “bad news” series has to be replaced with a new series called “good news”, “best news”. I am going to do that now: The “good news”, “best news” series!

Make all the decisions based on Advaitha. Make all the cognition happen based on Advaitha. It is the ultimate truth of Advaitha Sathya. Everything needs to be done in the “my world”; then, automatically, “the world” responds.

So, I can tell you with all my integrity and authenticity, everything that comes out of me is just straightaway asking you, making you to live Advaitha. And, I tell you, that is the only space where you will find rest, you will find success, you will find Completion, you will find fulfilment.

So, understand, you have been cheated, you missed it so badly! So, I tell you, if you have received Advaitha from me, you have received the best things you can receive from me and the world! If you have missed Advaitha from me, you have missed very badly from me, and received from the Cosmos! So, receive Advaitha; that is the best thing I am secretly hiding.

O my dear, live Advaitha!

I tell you, go on showing love from the context of Advaitha; you will have so much fulfilment, I am telling you! Even when I act as if I am not showing love, I “act”, so that you just understand, you are told, ‘Hey, you are not doing right things!’ That’s all! ‘You will have to come to the space of Advaitha!’ That’s all! Nothing else!

So, understand, when you are a kid, if you go and ask your mom, ‘Give me…give me mom one rupee. I want to get ice-cream. I want to buy this…’, your mom will tell, ‘Alright! Wipe all the doors and windows. I will give you one rupee.’ How many of you have experienced this in your life? I have experienced! If you ask something, she will tell you. That does not mean your mom hates you and takes work out of you, and only if you work you will be given. No! She just wants to teach you something. She just wants you to understand some principle. Nothing else! Otherwise, what she is giving, can you equate it based on what work you have done? No! It can never be equated, understand! She is trying to tell you something, she is trying to make you understand something.

I tell you, whether my love, or my showing anger, or whatever, I tell you, it is purely just to make you live Advaitha. With all integrity, I can tell, keeping Kalabhairava as a witness, everything from me, whether it is a loving body language, whatever words….whether it is a loving word or a sharp word, courtesy word or very curt word, past, present, future, anything, anything which comes from me is purely….it has only one meaning: ‘O my dear, live Advaitha!’ That’s all! Whether you get the word in the satsangh or in the Sangha meeting or in personal interview or in Kalpataru, all my words, with integrity I am telling you, have only one meaning: ‘O my dear, let us live Advaitha!’ That’s all! And there is no other meaning, there is no other interpretation.

I tell you, O my dear ones, with tremendous love I tell you, don’t be agitated to practice Advaitha. And, remember, my love is so powerful, it comes from Advaitha. Allow it to sink in your life. When it comes back to me, by that time it would have made you an Advaithi! Love OF the Master engulfs you, fills you, completes you, and raises you to the space of Advaitha, and comes back as love FOR the Master. So, just wait; allow my love to sink in you. When a Master’s love, love OF the Master is showered on you, suddenly you feel that nothing in the world matters anymore; matter does not matter anymore; you feel you are on top of the world; everything is forgotten! That is what I call “Visishta Advaitha”. Means, you feel that everything is part of you, you are part of everything. And then, when the love FOR the Master starts in you, you feel in the world there is nothing else other than you and the Master, nothing else matters! When the circle is complete, you understand there is no you and the Master; you be the Master!

I tell you, Advaitha is the fact, is the truth. Fighting with Advaitha is utter foolishness! Saying, ‘No, no, no…that cannot be practiced…’, is utter ignorance! Today or tomorrow you HAVE to land up only in that space. Already you postponed enough for janmas (many lifetimes)! Landing up in the space of Advaitha, now don’t postpone any more. No need to waste life. All success happens from Advaitha. All failures are happening from the fighting with Advaitha. The space of Advaitha is a simple fact. I don’t even want to use the word “truth”, because it is loaded with so much of meaning. I just want to say, it is a simple “fact”.

One of my biggest miracle

Understand, one of my biggest miracles….. To a few people I was talking one day and asking them, ‘What do you think is my biggest miracle?’ Somebody said, ‘Oh, this whole Sangha is your miracle!’ Somebody said, ‘The way you heal people is miracle!’ Somebody said, ‘All this materialization which you are doing is miracle!’ But, I tell you, in this Information Age still I am keeping this as a secret; here you can get advaithic experience is the biggest miracle! Still the world does not know you can get the best here! How much ever you try to tell the world, nobody listens, you see! Keeping that greatest, valuable thing secretly, and giving it only to the qualified people, that is the biggest miracle. So, understand, the most valuable thing you can get from me is the Space of Advaitha.

Now I am giving; please receive it and live it.