Incomplete conversations with you how much ever you

Incomplete conversations with you how much ever you push them under the carpet, they are not going to die, they will be running around in your inner space like Tom and Jerry  Today or tomorrow you have to face those in-completions.

Raising yourself constantly to the peak possibility of

Raising yourself constantly to the peak possibility of what you are for you and what you are for others is Authenticity.

Every word uttered by you is an extension

Every word uttered by you is an extension of you, continues to be extension of you until you fulfill them or complete with them.

Intelligence is being aware and spontaneous

EVERY one of us has intelligence.

It is an inherent, inborn quality of life. Intelligence is not something to attain; every living being is endowed with intelligence. Most of us have lost touch with our natural intelligence; that is why we are not able to live life to its fullest potential. We constantly mistake our acquired knowledge for intelligence. We have been conditioned to think that we have only limited capabilities, that ‘we cannot…’. So we have forgotten how to use our full potential. And because of this, we are not tuned to the technique to tap into all the dimensions of our being.

We have a natural, spontaneous intelligence inside us. We have tasted it as children.

As children, we looked at things in a very simple, straightforward way.

That is why we were so spontaneous. What took away that spontaneity? The societal conditioning has been telling us right from when we were children, ‘You are not enough…’ Because of this, we are constantly trying to become something else, to prove something to others. By constantly thinking that we are not enough, we try to imitate others and waste the wonderful natural energy bubbling inside us.

When we are deeply aware, we cannot make mistakes! With awareness, we don’t rely on what others have taught us. We don’t rely on the past conditioning that has gone inside us for many years. We act just out of the fresh intelligence that comes with awareness every moment. With deep awareness we are in the present moment. When we are in the present moment, we are alive and alert — what we call as intelligence.

Our intelligence by its very nature is spontaneous. It is only a question of awakening it from within. Most of the time, we continue to live in the dead past and miss the wonderful dimensions of life. Or, we get angry over what has happened and feel hurt. Either way, we are escaping from the problem by going to one extreme or the other. Instead, if we just look with deep awareness into the problem, an energy will awaken — the energy of intelligence — which is enough to bring about the solution. The very awareness is enough to awaken and break free even from the past conditioning — and we can act intelligently. The light of awareness is enough to remove the darkness created by years of living by habit. The whole key lies in being aware so that our intelligence can function. Live every moment in total awareness. Live with intelligence.

101 definitions of Living Enlightenment

1. Changing what you need to change, accepting what you don’t need to change.
2. Approaching life with sincere playfulness.
3. Feeling a constant connection with cosmos.
4. Enjoying without craving and renouncing without suffering.Swami (13)
5. Living beyond your ordinary logic.
6. Discovering and celebrating that you are unique.
7. Welcoming every way in which life introduces itself to you.
8. Working with passion, waiting with patience.
9. Intensity becoming part of your bio-memory.
10. Restful awareness in every action.
11. Living with a deep feeling that the whole cosmos is miracle.
12. Surrender without guarantee from to whom you surrender.
13. Constantly supporting the needs of your being instead of the needs of your ego, the needs of your individuality not the needs of the personality.
14. Running your life on inspiration, not on effort, fear or greed.
15. Unclutching.
16. Living with yogic body and Vedic mind.
17. Living with a free and open liberated inner space.
18. Freedom from whims and fantasies.
19. Remembering what you need to remember and forgetting what you to forget.
20. Not carrying vengeance against others or oneself.
21. Taking responsibility for everything happening in you, to you, and around you.
22. Living with the power to create your destiny every moment.
23. Having the courage to change when change happens to you.
24. Living without the gap between inner and outer worlds.

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Inner Awakening Glimpses

Check out this video to have a glimpse of the 21-day enlightenment intensive meditation program Inner Awakening by Rare Living avatar Paramahamsa –

Space of utter positivity


Many a time, people come and tell me, ‘I am not able to get out of my fear.’  Why you are not able to get out? Because already you committed to yourself many times with that negativity. For example, ‘I am going to be destroyed, I am going to be destroyed, I am going to be destroyed, I am going to be destroyed. This is the way it is going to happen, I am going to be a loser, loser, loser’ Means, hundred times you have committed to yourself you are going to be the loser. Then, naturally, whole energy of you will be working only to fulfill that concept, the commitment you gave to you that you are a loser.

Only once if you say, ‘I am a winner’, that will look too silly. It is like for the sake of argument you say. Sometimes you know your spouse is going to win the whole argument, but just to record your opposition, you make some statement knowing that you are going to be a failure. Exactly that is the way it will look after you utter a hundred times you are a loser to yourself, only once you are a winner. It is your wrong commitments to you, makes you feel you are a loser. I tell you, other than your negative commitments to you, you don’t have any enemy in your life. Just understand and liberate yourself. I am not teaching you, I am not inspiring you, I am not ordering you! I am requesting you.

I know the space of utter positivity, a complete positivity. I know the space, I cherished that space, I am cherishing that space. I am exactly in the mood of the rishi when he screamed at the peak of his voice,

shrunvanthu Vishwe Amruthasya Puthraaha vedaahamekam purusham mahaantam;

Oh sons of immortaility, I know the path to it. Wake up and start achieving it’

Conflict-free life

The outer world is nothing but a reflection of your inner state. We continuously experience some conflict or other every moment – in our relationships, in our goals, in our desires, in life-situations. We invariably attribute our conflict to someone or something in the outer world. We blame the outer world for our problems. People ask me, ‘How can I be conflict-free in a world that is filled with conflict? Only when the whole world is silent, happy and peaceful can I become conflict-free.’ Understand, that is never going to happen! There is no such thing as bringing peace into the whole world. All problems are usually created by people who try to make the world peaceful! In the last 3000 years, several thousand wars have been fought. Every leader who declared war claimed that he was going to bring peace to the world!

A conflict-free world starts with a conflict-free individual.

How to live a conflict-free life? By asking yourself one simple question in the situation of conflict. Do I really need to change this situation?If the answer you are hearing from within is Yes, if you feel that the change really needs to happen in your life, bring in a powerful intention, the energy, the shakti, to create that change in your life.

Understand, not all things need to be changed. Understanding and accept what need not be changed is intelligence, buddhi. To start living a conflict-free life, all you need to do is bring in the energy to change the things that need to change in your life, and the intelligence to accept what need not change. Above all, understand that whether you change anything or not, life itself is a continuously changing phenomenon. Once you realize this, you will naturally hold onto the one thing that never changes: the eternally unchanging Truth. Then you will automatically be conflict-free. When you start living a conflict-free life, you start living enlightenment. When there is no conflict inside you, you experience no conflict in the world!

Do you feel how hard you work, you just can’t seem to create enough wealth?

How do you see yourself – as a worker, a manager or a high achiever? The worker does his job, but he never bothers to go beyond the brief. He procrastinates, passes the buck, occasionally cheats and generally tries to get by doing with as little work as possible. He lives for payday. The manager takes up some responsibilities and struggle to fulfill them. He is anxious to produce results and impress his superiors; he lives for rewards and recognition.A high-achiever is one who simply keeps on performing with no thought for rewards. He is fueled by sheer inspiration. He has abundant energy and is not afraid to take risks. He takes ownership. He lives for the joy of creating and expanding his boundaries.

Wealth is for high achievers! Wealth chooses those who don’t bother to compare what they give with what they receive.

How often we limit our expression based on the expected returns! When we work based on expectation, we can never exceed our expectations! We are stuck with a limited vision that destroys our spontaneous power of expression. And it’s not as if a high-achiever does not gather wealth! When you work intensely to create wealth, with the clear awareness that wealth is just a utility and not the goal of your life, you will not calculate your performance in advance based on what your might receive in return. The attitude of a high-achiever is purely spiritual. Treat the task ahead of you as sacred, and you will spontaneously become a high-achiever.

Just decide this much: I will not calculate. I am not going to stop my life flow. I am going to break into life. I am going to explode in life!

Simply keep on expressing yourself, and the energy and the resources will be made available to you. You will expand into areas you never thought possible, and wealth and abundance will automatically gather around you. You will become an inspirational force for those around you. The more you give, the more you allow wealth in all its forms to flow into you.

Presented bare, truth hurts

A lady came to me complaining that she is hurt by even small criticisms coming from others. She said she was very sensitive. I asked her to stop using that word. I said, ‘You are not sensitive. A really sensitive person will be porous; she will allow the words to pass through her. Only arrogant people get hurt. If you are hurt, please understand that you are arrogant. You are strong like a stone, which is why words come and hit you.’ A sensitive person would have allowed the words pass through her; she will never suffer. Even if someone is deliberately rude, a sensitive person understands where such a person is coming from and is not defensive. Suffering is always from arrogance, never from sensitivity. A person who is sensitive will never suffer. A sensitive person will suffer on account of another person in distress, not for oneself. You suffer from words when you stop them, when you resist them, when you create your own meaning out of them. When we do not create our own meanings out of words, we do not suffer. We play with words. We always choose nice words to support our ego. We do not say, ‘I am hurt because I am arrogant.’ We always use polished words such as, ‘I am hurt because I am sensitive.’ Please don’t cheat yourself with words. Let your words be unfiltered by your ego.

Let me tell you a small story:

Once, a contractor wanted to donate a sports car to an official. The official refused, saying, “I am an honest person and I cannot think of accepting this gift.” The contractor asked him, “In that case how would it be if I sell you this car for Rs 10?’ The official replied immediately, ‘In that case, I will have two cars!’

When an untruth is wrapped in gift packing, you forget you have a problem. You accept it without a murmur. However, when truth is presented bare, you do protest. Presented bare, truth hurts; ego cannot tolerate truth easily. We are so concerned about politically and socially correct statements, it seems no longer acceptable for anyone to speak the truth. But it seems to be perfectly acceptable to lie in a politically correct manner.

Ramakrishna says beautifully, ‘Let your words and mind be straightened.’ Whatever is, let it be offered straight without filtering.

Learn to accept truth bare. At least you will know you have a problem that you can solve.

Four Eternal Principles of life

Many teachers tell you how much ever you listen unless you practice it won’t help you. I tell you how much ever you try to practice, unless you listen, it won’t help you.