The inability to handle the reality is suffering. The moment you have the ability to handle reality, it is no more suffering. And listening plays a very major role in that.

When you don’t have listening, you always come to the conclusion before the information is cognized in you.

The moment you start talking to somebody, when you don’t have listening, you start coming to your own conclusions either by rejecting that person or taking that person as a big threat. Both will lead you to suffering. If you take some joker as a villain, you will be suffering unnecessarily. If you take the villain as a joker, you are neglecting the great problems and big sufferings going to come. To gauge a villain as a villain, a comedian as a comedian, you need listening. 

Please understand, it is listening which is important to see the guy who is in front of your life is going to be a comedian or a villain or your friend. Just because it’s a close persons opinion I don’t take that as hundred percent proof . Just because it’s opponents opinion I don’t take that very lightly. In every moment I put my listening and separate the comedians, villains and heroes. Heroes let them be encouraged to support, comedians laugh at them, villains attend to them and give them the right reply.

Listening is survival need.

If you just have listening towards your mind it cannot cause any more suffering to you. Your mind is also one of the close attendants you have. Because of your confidence over that guy, that guy tries to give you false information and exploits you. I have seen this happening, I have seen this happening. It is not that he is a criminal but he does not have listening.

People ask me, “How can we get to the space of pure listening? How is it practically possible to be in listening? “

Each time in our so busy daily lives I can give you simple few techniques: Listen to your heart whenever you have a suffering thought, panic attack. Whenever you are confronting something , listen to your heart, listen to you blood flow, listen to your liver it will really help you. You will learn listening. Once in a while, sit with a tree, sit with a river, sit with a water-body. When I say “water-body”, I mean hundred times more quantity water than your blood level is a “water-body” It can be anything; it can be a tank, pond, river. I think your body carries almost five to seven litres of blood based on your size. So, around seven hundred litre water if it is there, it can be considered as a water-body. Even a water-tank seven hundred litres water. If you sit with a water body and listen, it may look very funny in the initial level; but, I tell you, it’ll develop listening!

In the Inner Awakening Level-4, the first initiation you are going to have is “Shravana Deeksha”, initiation into Listening.

I am really telling you, listen when you are feeling confronted. Listen when you are feeling conflict. Listen when you are sick and tired. Listen when you feel why life is like this. Listen whenever you have a resistance towards something. Listening.

Your inability to listen will make anything in the life as suffering. Even milk will become poison. Your ability to listen will make even poison into nectar. If you have the listening, when the idea starts in your throat. Please understand, listening in the source where the ideas are happening is “Unclutching”. If you just sit with you and listen you talking to you.
– See largest gathering of human beings is Kumbha Mela, largest action of human beings on same day, see like festival or celebration is also India, Indian election. That is the largest action or happening where largest number of human beings are participating. China has more population but they don’t have election. Largest gathering of human beings and largest active participating celebration of human beings both happen in India. Please understand your mind behaves like a mike starving mahatma. I tell you, sit and listen it out, listen it out.

Listening out to your mind is “Unclutching”. Every day, listening out to your mind before going to sleep is “Completion”. Completion is nothing but listening. If you are listening, you will be in the space of Completion. Listen to your physical ailments. When you have headache, listen to your head. When you have stomach pain, listen to your stomach. If you have diabetes, listen to your tiredness. If you have blood pressure, listen to your agitation. Listen to every conflict, every contradiction, every confrontation you face in the life. When you are in the space of Completion, you will be naturally listening without any struggle or effort.
Bring listening; bring listening into your life. Bring listening to your thinking. Bring listening to your words. Bring listening to others’ words. Bring listening to the conflicts you are going through. I tell you, when you don’t listen, your mind will behave with you like a politician. When you listen, your mind will behave with you like an enlightened being. If you listen, your own mind will behave with you like an enlightened being. Your mind will be Guru for you. It will take you away from all sufferings. It will melt down all worries, all sufferings, all conflicts.

Listening, listening whole day, Completion whole night, is the life of a Yogi. Listening whole day, Completion whole night, means being in the space of listening throughout the day, being in the space of Completion throughout the night. I tell you, listening is Dhyana, Completion is Samadhi. When you listen in the source of the words and thoughts, which is the neck, which is the throat, you will be in the space of Unclutching, even poison will not cross this and grow and disturb your body. That is what is the meaning of “Neelakanta”; because Mahadeva is established in the pure space of listening, even poison cannot cross his listening, the power of listening, and affect his body.

I tell you, human life is supposed to be lived with lot of joy, lot of joy.

A person with tremendous life seeing whom self-hatred, self-denial, self-doubt gets frightened is a sannyasi.
When you decide to cause to make others reality, even your ability to think expands. Expansion always brings sacred joy.
When somebody carries incompletion, don’t think you need to correct them, you only need to complete them. Correction is not my teaching, completion is my teaching.

Continously live with the possibility for you go on causing the same space of possibility for others. That’s all. That’s all.

Integrity is nothing but the confidence on you. When you decide I will do it, you do it. That’s all.

I have experienced the Ultimate Advaita state, the Advaitic truth. 

From that clarity, that joy, excitement, inspiration, strength and powerfulness which comes from that I tell you, when it is possible for Me, it is possible for you !

Just remember this one thing: Let your thinking whole day be directed towards Completion. 

My bones are Arunachala, and blood is Ganga!

A few days before, I went to the banks of the Ganges for a walk. Nothing big, a very simple act: A few kids were selling flowers there. They asked us to buy flowers and put it in the Ganga. I told our Swamis who were there with me, I said, ‘For all these kids, given ten-ten rupees.’ There were only five kids; so, fifty rupees; less than fifty cents, or less than a dollar I can say, a little more than fifty cents and less than a dollar….less than a dollar. I told our Swamis to give ten-ten rupees. All put together it will be less than a dollar. ‘Give ten-ten rupees to all these kids.’ Only five kids were there. I said, ‘Don’t take the flowers, let them sell the flowers to somebody; just give them money.’ Small kids. And one kid shouted, ‘Thank you, Swamiji!’ Such a simple word. And the child was really happy…..really happy! Very sincerely the child shouted, ‘Thank you, Swamiji!’ I tell you, the next twenty-four hours that joy was there in my system! Even to my system which is twenty-four hours in the bliss of the Cosmos a child can bless and add a little more joy, understand! Neither the act from my side was with the expectation that the child is going to bless me or thank me, nor the child had the expectation, ‘If I thank them now, I will get something more’.

No! From both sides there was no plan. A simple sincerity….that’s all! I was very sincere seeing all those small kids trying to sell and earn; they are not begging; they are trying to make their living. What they will do with these few rupees given? At the most, they will spend in their school, or they will make some clothes for themselves; that’s all. From my side it was simple sincerity. Same way, from the kid’s side, it was such a simple sincerity; that’s all. I tell you, be a sincere catalyst for others to cause their reality.

I tell you, the effect of that kid’s “Thank You”, next few hours I allowed whoever wants to touch me, I allowed whoever wants to have photograph with me! I am not a guy who will allow that. Especially when I go out for a walk, I will try to protect my privacy. I will say, ‘No, don’t photograph me.’ Especially with Ganga… is almost like my romance moment with Ganga! Ganga and Arunachala are just part of me. My bones are Arunachala, and blood is Ganga! So, whenever I sit with Arunachala or Ganga, I ask for my privacy. But even that I renounced; the next few hours whoever came to take photograph with me, I said, ‘Come on, have photographs.’ Some people started touching my feet, because that whole area is full of Sadhus….Swarg Ashram area. It became almost like a visit to bless all those sadhus who are doing tapas there! All the sadhus started coming from their “kutiyas” (huts/shacks/cottages) and started touching my feet. They started saying, ‘Swamiji come to my “kutiya”! Come to my “kutiya”!’ Somebody gave food, somebody gave orange, somebody gave dry fruits.

They all ran to their rooms, and the best food in their room they ran and brought and gave me. It is such a joy to see sadhus giving; they are always taking. Especially, when they see some rich sadhus, they take from the rich sadhus. First of all, the sadhus who are doing tapas, they will never touch others’ feet. And when they see a rich man, they will take from that rich man. In my case, I was a sadhu…..and a rich sadhu. But they were so respectful, they were only giving me! I also was with empty hand. I spent time with all of them, had “chai” (tea) in the road-side shop. This whole thing, that girl’s (kid selling flowers) one word, ‘Thank you, Swamiji!’, is responsible! So, please understand, just be a sincere catalyst to cause others’ reality; you will be showered more than you want… will be showered more than you want!

The fifty rupees (given to the kids selling flowers) would never have added joy to me in any way. I can say, that fifty rupees was put to best use! If I planned and gave also, nothing would have happened. No! I can never imagine that one small girl saying, ‘Thank you, Swamiji!’, can add so much of joy to me, because I am established in the “Parabrahmananda”, “Paripoorna Satchitananda” and “Nithyananda” (Sanskrit terms indicating extreme joy and eternal bliss)! The joy caused in that girl was sincere….small kid. And the way she screamed is from sincerity; that’s all! I tell you, when you are a sincere catalyst, when you are a sincere catalyst, life goes on showering; that experience “Brahmanyam Bahuputhrathaam” just lives with you; the joy, “Brahmanyam Bahuputhrathaam” just stays with you! 

See, when you start from Completion, first thing you will not be pushing the bullock-cart by the broken fingers; you will be pulling it with a nice energy and strong strength. So, pulling itself will be easy. Next, it will be a beautiful journey. Once you reach, you will only feel more and more energetic. Because you have not suffered, you are not demanding everyone to respect you. And the ego will not be there. When you don’t have ego, you will not torture others.

Understand, I went through so much “tapas”, but I have not suffered. Tapas is not suffering. 

Please understand, either your thinking can make you more and more suffocated, bound, or your thinking can make you more and more free and liberated. If you start adopting the right thinking, in one year you will see, by the natural flow of your life you will be liberated! You will feel powerful; no suffocation, no complication; feeling free all the time! It is your thinking style! Understand, either you are going to become more and more free and liberated, or more and more bound. You cannot be anchoring your ship (thinking), you cannot stop, there is no break, because thinking will be going on whole day. So, either you start developing the thinking which liberates you, or which binds you.

By thinking, either you become “bandha” (bound) or “muktha” (liberated). “Baddha Jeeva” (bound soul) or “Muktha Jeeva” (liberated soul). I tell you, it is such a simple way! Anyhow you are going to think; you cannot stop it (your thinking). Then why not start thinking in the direction which will liberate you? You don’t need to blow your nose! You don’t need to wake up early morning 4 o’clock! You don’t need to clean your different holes! You don’t need to pour water in your different holes! You don’t need to do Nirahara! Simply adopt the cognitive shift: ‘From now I will think based on Completion.’ That’s all! Just learn the Science of Completion. Complete with you. Continuously be in the space of Completion. That’s all!

I tell you, one year is too much time for you to be liberated! Just think based on Completion everyday; you will be liberated! Don’t be stuck in any incompletion pattern. That will be like a bone stuck in your throat.

In this one thing, be fanatic: ‘I will think only out of Completion! I will not sleep without completing all the incompletions!’ If you have incompletions, lock yourself in a room, sit, decide, ‘I will complete and only then come out!’

Completion-based cognition! One year thinking in the right direction is enough; you will be liberated!

Sometimes I wonder why these human-beings suffer without getting liberated when such a simple practice is available! Then I feel, ‘I myself did the same. So, that is why these people are doing. I was also going this side, that side, here, there. Only then, finally, I saw, “Yes, yes, yes, this is such a simple thing”!’ I tell you, but one good thing, from this “janma” (life/birth), the day I took this body, from birth, in this birth, in this “janma”, I was very clear about this Completion-based life. This “janma” I didn’t waste any time looking this side, that side. This “janma”, it was completely beautiful and useful. I really tell you all, you don’t need to waste your energy, time, by going on thinking into the style of binding yourself. No! Not required! Not required at all! Think into liberating your life. Think into the pattern of liberating you.

Please understand, your mind is such a powerful tool you have. Awaken it! Use it! It is like a Kalpataru! It can give you whatever you want! It can lead you beyond it! That is the beauty of the mind. Guru can make you a bigger guru! My gurus have done it! My gurus made me bigger than them. I will be a guru only if I make you guys bigger than me, and I am always waiting for it to happen! Understand, your mind can lead you beyond mind if you awaken it. Just only one thing: Decide, ‘I will always live in the space of Completion.’ From the space of Completion continue. Build from the space of Completion.

You don’t want to see a person’s paradoxical dimensions and complexities, because you don’t want to see your complexities and paradoxical dimensions. If you cannot be complete with your paradoxical complexities and dimensions, you will never have the intelligence to handle people who come in your life.

If you are depressed, only one thing you need to do…….

All great masters, all the great people who contributed to this great tradition, all their leelas are leelas of Mahadeva. The beautiful Hindu Tradition is the inexhaustible resource of inspiration. Even if you read every day one master’s life, your whole life you will be reading! That many masters have been produced, that many amazing people have been produced! That is why I can’t understand how a Hindu can be depressed! If you are depressed, you are not a Hindu, understand! Because, we have produced such a large number of Jeevan Mukthas, Incarnations, Jnana Yogis, Siddhas, Paramahamsaas, even if you read every day one-one of their biographies, and be inspired, your whole life you will be reading! If you are depressed, only one thing you need to do: just slap your face, wash it and get out!

In Dhyanapeetam, that is the solution I give: Wake up, Freshen Up, Show Up! And the mood will disappear, the depression will disappear!

Yugarishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji of Gayatri Pariwar

I tell you, if you are so sure about you, even Cosmic power, the whole Cosmos showers on you!

I was reading, last few days, the autobiography of the founder of Gayatri Pariwar, Sharmaji. God, what a being! I never spoke about him. Today I wanted to give my respects and I wanted to honour him for his amazing contribution to the Vedic Tradition. If I have to choose just the top ten people who contributed to modern-day Hinduism, I will choose Sharmaji much more than Vivekananda, understand? A step more than Vivekananda! His amazing contribution! Vivekananda has done one thing: didn’t live for enough time. I don’t want to say it is not in his hands. It was in his hands! I don’t know why he left. Sharmaji has one point extra: he lived eighty years! And, abbaah!

What a dedication! What a commitment! What an amazing commitment to Vedic Tradition! He was so sure about himself, the whole Cosmos showered on him! You can’t imagine in eighty years’ span somebody can achieve so much! You should know, he has made three-thousand Shakthi Peetaahs! He has built three-thousand Shakthi Peetaahs! I just cannot imagine that he built three-thousand  Shakthi Peetaahs! Abbaah!!!

He has written three-thousand books! The massive Yajnas, Homas, spiritual programs he organized still his Pariwar continues! I bow down to Sharmaji and his Pariwar with all my respects for their contribution to the Vedic Tradition.

From his own autobiography, this is the message I got: Being so sure about myself. He was so sure about himself, in a very organized way.

I don’t want to underestimate Vivekananda; but this one point Sharmaji has done a step more: living in the body for a little more time. What an amazing contribution! I think he made Kumbha Melas happen single-handedly, like ten lakh people gathering! He made Magh Melas happen single-handedly! See, the power he expressed, I will not even think twice to declare he is one of the “roopas” of Mahadeva! See, Mahadeva is always remembered, worshipped as “Aroopa roopa” (formless form); but wherever he expresses his power, those beings should be considered as “roopa” of Mahadeva! Very safely, with all my Integrity and Authenticity, I will say, Sharmaji, the Kulapitha of Gayatri Pariwar is the form of Mahadeva for the amount of sincerity, Authenticity, Responsibility he expressed and blessed the world with!

I am really feeling bad that I did not get to read his biography much earlier. I have heard about them and all their activities; but I had the fortune to get his biography a few days before only. And I really wanted to sincerely tell all our devotees, ashramites, at least go to Wikipedia and google and read at least his short biography. If you have time, it will be great to read the full autobiography; it is only a few hundred pages; he himself has written. If you can’t read the whole book, at least go to Wikipedia and read the essence. You should draw inspiration from all the great contributors. He is one of the great contributors to modern-day Sanatana Hindu sanstha, Sanatana Hindu Dharma. You cannot read the history of the modern-day Hindu Dharma, modern-day Sanatana Hindu Dharma, neglecting his name. Great personalities like him should have become national figures. I drew my inspiration to conduct these Sapta Homas, 1008 Kundas, from their organization only. But now only, fortunately, I got to read his biography. It was so beautiful! I really remembered that one shloka from Bhagavatham:

“Tava Kathaamritham Taptha-Jeevanam, Kavibhir Iditam Kalmashapaham, Shravana-Mangalam Srimad Atatam, Bhuvi Grinanti Ye Bhuri-da Janah” 

“It is such a joy to read your Leelas”!

I also recommend all our libraries all over the world, Nithyananda Libraries should have Sharmaji’s all books, and all publications of Gayatri Pariwaar. All the libraries, Nithyananda Libraries, please take note of it. You should have all the books contributed by Acharya Sharmaji, the Kulapitha of Gayatri Pariwar. All our Nithyananda Libraries should have all the great contributors to Hinduism, Sanatana Hindu Dharma, intellectually, intellectually in the path of Jnana whoever has contributed, you should have their photographs in our libraries. And I wanted to have Yugarishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji of Gayatri Pariwar, his photo should be kept, and all his books should be kept in our libraries. They are all the great expressions of Saraswathi, and all our libraries represent Saraswathi, Maatha Saraswathi. All these people are embodiment of Matha Saraswathi – Aurobindo, Vivekananda, Pandit Shriram Sharmaji; I can go on giving names, list; all of them are embodiment of Saraswathi. Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi, Swami Shivananda! What a huge number we have produced! Maha Yogis, Maha Tapasvis, Mahatmas!


Please understand, you being not sure about you does not come by ignorance; it comes by arrogant choice. That is the main thing you need to know. There are some powerlessness which come to you by ignorance. For example, not knowing how Rahu is moving in your life. When Rahu and Shani are together, and Guru is not supporting it, you should not start any initiatives. So, if you start without knowing this, powerlessness comes to you by ignorance; that is forgivable….that is forgivable. The solution is, you have to get somebody who knows that science, try to get their advice, guidance. Even if you don’t get, it is forgivable powerlessness. But, there are some things, some powerlessness out of choice, arrogance, not out of ignorance; but you choose to be powerless. That is internally having the knowledge and not living it, applying it. Please listen! If there are some external reasons, cosmological reasons, at least you can accept ignorance. But much of the internal powerlessness is arrogant choice. Not being sure about yourself is arrogant choice.

The choice you take, the dilemma you suffer, the depression you build, the dilemma you suffer, the depression you build is like a wax house, wax bungalow. Don’t ever think the Pandavas are going to die in it! It is the fellow who built it who is going to die in it, not the Pandavas. Not being sure about you is sin, crime, “Atma Hathya” (suicide), destroying yourself. Continue reading →

Be Blissful !

‘ONE of the greatest blessings I learnt in my life: BE BLISSFUL! Be blissful, and everything around you will happen in the best way, auspiciously, beyond your expectations!

Understand! In the best way, auspiciously, beyond your expectations!

Continuously being blissful, being in a very powerful space, continuously raising yourself to the powerful space!